Givenchy Fall Collection 2007 Prisme Again! Secret Blush Quartet Restocked

If by slim chance you happened to have been struck by lighting or living under a rock and didn’t get a chance to order Givenchy’s newest blush you can safely set your lems to rest and run (really really really fast) as quickly as your little legs will carry you over to!

It appears the blush has been restocked and how long it remains available is anyone’s guess! But you can be sure the Muse ordered hers before she was shut out in the cold again yearning for a blush that’s been out of stock since first appearing on the site 3 weeks ago!

  • 8/27/07 20:56 Anonymous:


    I grabbed this up when it came back at It’s on its way- I can’t wait. 😛 It will go wonderfully with my Cache-Cache palette.



  • 8/27/07 21:18 A-Mused:

    ditto!!!!!!!!!! I visit the page every 2 seconds to see if it was in stock!!!!!! FINALLY this morning it was so I snatched it up!

    I reckon it’ll be out of stock again by tomorrow!

    Givenchy is one of the few brands at Sephora that sales out and remains out of stock for AGES at a time!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good on us for snatching it up before it was gone again! YAY!

    *does a happy dance*


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