Cynthia Rowley Avon Collection

Back in June I was browsing around my favorite blog A Touch of Blusher (See I not only write a blog, I’m also obsessed about reading them too) when I came across an article about Cynthia Rowley cosmetics! Behold something the Muse never heard of! Now as far as Cynthia Rowley fashion and accessories this the Muse has heard of but cosmetics? Never knew she had a line of cosmetics! A Touch of Blusher educated the Muse about some very cute Cynthia Rowley cosmetics and made her lem them rather hard but sadly they are impossible to track down on E-bay, MUA, or anywhere really!

I never really purchase Avon and can’t even properly give anything from Avon a review but the Cynthia Rowley collection may just end up in my cart as the packaging is so delightfully cute! This collection is available now from Avon for a limited time! Check it out! The all over face powder is intriguing the Muse!

  • 9/4/07 5:46 Haru:

    I came across the Cythia Rowley line of makeup when I first arrived in Japan in 2003. It used to be sold in Sony Plaza stores and the packaging was a cute, light blue with floral print, IIRC. But the quality didn’t seem to be that great and the line died a quiet demise soon after. The new line for Avon does look awesome though!


  • 9/4/07 10:52 A-Mused:


    My darling girl :) Hello! I owe you a message or two *blush*

    Been swamped lately!

    The packaging on the original CR was what nabbed my interest! It was so cute!

    The new line looks very cute but I’m concerned about pigment and such!

    But you know me I’ll probably grab something from the line!

    Ugh I’m so diseased!

    Thanks for visiting me!

    I’ll be replying shortly to your message! Forgive me? Love me still?



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