Come Back Cozy, Come Back!

Is anyone else going through Cozy withdrawal?

When will it be back?

Come back Cozy, Come back! The Muse doesn’t have anywhere to lurk!


  • 10/25/07 18:17 ~raspy~:

    me!! i’m going thru withdrawal as well!!!


  • 10/25/07 18:36 noangel:

    yes! withdrawal!


  • 10/25/07 19:21 the Muse:

    lol raspy :)

    I’m shaking and have the sweats! It’s definately withdrawal!

    do you know when it’s coming back up?


  • 10/25/07 19:22 the Muse:

    lol no angel :)
    Wahoo! Cotters reunite at Musings of a Muse :-)

    Any idea when it’s back up!?

    It’s been down quite a while!


  • 10/26/07 10:45 the Muse:

    eep! Carmelgirl your comment disappeared on me :)

    Thanks for the link!

    Looks like it’s back up! The muse is happy!


  • 10/28/07 0:40 serene:

    Great that its up again. A place to lurk and get info! 😛


  • 10/28/07 18:39 the Muse:

    I like the new look!

    happy it’s back too:)


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