Rouge Deluxe Joins The Beauty Blog Network

I’d like to take a moment to welcome my good friend Iris into the Beauty Blog Network 😉

Her passion for cosmetics is a welcome addition to the network!

Welcome Iris :)

I’m so glad you’re here!


I know a majority of you probably already have but if you haven’t for some reason do take sometime out to visit her @ Rouge Deluxe!

I guarantee you won’t regret it if you’re a big lover of Japanese Cosmetics (or makeup in general)!

  • 10/7/07 19:02 Taryn:

    Congratulations, Iris! What a well-deserved honor! Your blog is so informative and a great read. :)


  • 10/8/07 10:13 Haru:

    Thank you, dear! It’s too sweet of you! *hugs*


  • 10/8/07 11:07 A-Mused:

    No one deserves it more lovie!

    I’m your biggest fan 😉


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