Stila Asian Exclusives Available Now

Alright girls. Fest up! Who stole the Stila Asian Exclusives right from under my little nose before I had a chance to purchase

Come clean! Who got them?

20% off is still ongoing at Stila and someone snatched up all the brand new Asian Exclusive palettes that are now available right here stateside!

Le sigh!

The Muse counts herself depressed!

To cheer herself up I’ll post the gorgeous details of what’s available (if they ever come back in stock).

Eyeshadow Trio Cool

Eyeshadow Trio Warm

Belle of the Ball

Cheek Duo

Glitter Eyeliners

If you choose to confess now and hand all your Stila goodies over to me I won’t tell Santa what a naughty little chick you’ve been!

If you fail to hand over the goodies A plague o’ all your houses (a little Shakespeare never hurt anyone)!

  • 10/15/07 19:11 Taryn:

    I am seriously lemming those glitter liners, and normally I don’t like Stila stuff!

    Also, I am dying to try the Lunasol Geminate Liquid Liners. What did you think of them, Muse? All of the Japanese liquid liners I’ve tried flake and peel. :(

    I’d love to hear your opinion because I am thisclose to ordering the palette and liner!


  • 10/15/07 19:15 Anonymous:

    Hi Muse,

    I am right with you on that one and I’m not even a die hard Stila fan! I just checked and a couple of things were showing in stock. RUN!!! Don’t walk!!!

    I also just sent a reply. No worries. =D



  • 10/16/07 7:39 the Muse:

    taryn, I have so many glitter liners but I wanna try stila glitter liners! hehe!

    I haven’t tried the liquid liners from lunasol yet! I haven’t heard much in the way of reviews either.

    I’m not sure. I’d personally skip and purchase something else! You can get liners here! Go for the a palette 😉

    LOL Betsy! I want that Belle Palette and it’s sold out dammit! I can’t believe it!

    The others are nice but I really wanted the belle!

    It’s all or nothing! *throws tantrum*



  • 10/18/07 5:21 Irene:

    Hey Muse!

    I have an in with some stila folks, and have a few of the glitter liners, some colors that aren’t available from stila stateside. If you’re interested, you’re more than welcome to them.

    LMK! :)


  • 10/18/07 7:09 the Muse:

    hellooooo Irene :)

    You lucky duckling!

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! That’s very generous and I appreciate it big time :)

    I can pay for ’em of course or I can swap you if you want 😉

    Thanks so much!!!!!!


  • 10/20/07 19:14 Irene:

    Heya Muse! (Again. *lol*)

    If you’re still interested in the Stila glitter liners, why not email me directly so we don’t waste space in your comments.

    You can email me here:
    pinkiecharm @ yahoo dot com

    Thanks, sweetie!


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