Bourjois Paris Ombre A Paupieres UK Colors: The Sequel

I’m still digging through my box of goodies from the UK! I happened across ANOTHER Bourjois Paris eyeshadow in Prune Intense. It’s a gorgeous deep purple that reminds me of MAC’s Entremauve Pigment but this is far more wearable for me as it shows a tad bit lighter and has some more shimmer to it!

Just beautiful!

You can see my other post with other colors of Bourjois Paris Ombre A Paupieres UK colors by clicking here!

I can’t wait to do an FOTD with this color!

  • 12/14/07 9:22 Haru:

    That looks super gorgeous!

    Do post pics of your package if you have the time! I’ve been waiting to see what goodies you got since you posted about it!


  • 12/14/07 9:41 the Muse:

    Hey Iris *mwah*

    Did you see the other three I got? They are so bold and bright!


    I’ll be posting more pics of my goodies soon 😉

    So far I got these 4 shadows that I did blogs about 😉 I can’t wait to try ’em!



  • 12/14/07 10:59 petitez:

    Can’t wait to see your FOTD! The purple is really gorgeous!

    I want to see what you got in your huge UK package too! 😛


  • 12/14/07 11:02 the Muse:

    hey serene :)

    hehe! I’m slowly hauling out and posting things from it 😉


    The suspense is killing everyone!


  • 12/15/07 6:54 Sminkan:

    I just love their eyeshadows! Have this colour myself, and a couple of others. My favourite is a deep blackish kind of purple. It is amazing as an almost black and looks great with, for instance the Uppity fluidline.

    Have you tried their wonderful blushes? I love them! Have used them for 20 years and they are very good!


  • 12/17/07 8:34 the Muse:

    me too Sminkan :)

    We don’t have that color :( We are just now getting darker, daring shades. Normally our range falls into natural golds and pinks but a few new colors have come out that I am in love with such as the noir emerald!

    I agree! The blushes are great! =) I have several! They are very natural and pretty!!!!!!!!

    I love their mascara as well!


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