Catching Up on Comments!

Hey there 😉

Just a quick note to let you guys know I’m doing my best to get caught up with e-mail and comments! I have about 50 comments to get through but I’m slowly getting there! So sorry about the delay in my reply but Blogger is a pain in the butt when it comes to comments and it’s difficult to locate comments when they are posted on older posts! So I have to go in post the comment, locate it by searching, and finally reply :)

If I’m a little slow going that’d be why!

As for e-mails that’s a scary thing to say the least but I’m doing my best to get caught up on all my e-mails from you gorgeous folk 😉

About the only person that gets a reply from me lately would be Row but aside from that I’m wayyyyyyy behind!

So do excuse my mess while I reply to each one of you individually 😉

I feel like I need a personal assistant sometimes hehe!

Hope your Holidays went well and all your present wishes came true!

  • 12/27/07 15:24 Row:

    *waves Lush snowcake*

    I find this helps when needing the Muse’s attention..



  • 12/27/07 16:22 the Muse:


    Indeed That always works!

    It seems you’re the only person I’ve actually replied to in the last month!

    ACK! Everyone is hating on me for being so terrible replying!

    Speaking of replies just replied to your email!

    Love ya!


  • 12/27/07 17:17 Vanessa:

    Muse! Happy Holidays love! I missed you, hope you get all the beauty goodies you wanted from Santa!



  • 12/27/07 17:42 the Muse:

    hey Vanessa :)

    Thanks love! Happiest to you as well! =) I’ll stop by soon as it’s been ages since I had a visit at your blog! I do a quickie to comment on how gorgeous you are (making the rest of us look shameful with your FOTD’s! hehehe) but I haven’t had a sec to have a nice long read!

    I hope you got everything you wanted from Santa too 😉

    Tis the Season for great beauty finds!



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