NARS Travel Brush Set

in Nars

I love you NARS. Truly I do! Your blushes, your glosses, your gorgeous shadows…!

But….this…… not happening:

Pretty right? Price is not so pretty!

$170 for a mini travel size brush set is beyond my budget!

I wonder if this is a misprint?

If you’re insane, unstable, or just obsessed with NARS you can purchase this NARS Travel Brush Set from Nordies for $170 (brushes that may or may not be dipped in solid gold).

  • 12/5/07 16:56 Heather Mary:

    i think they added a 1 infront of that $70, which is what thats worth! LOL


  • 12/5/07 17:06 the Muse:

    sonserious! what the hell! $170??? They are smoking the same pipe as UD and Sephora hehe!


  • 12/5/07 20:24 Row @

    Ahhh this brush set!

    I saw it last Xmas – I was like yeah yeah I’ll tell my boyfriend to get it – but it was 130!!!!!!!! Wayyy too much!


  • 12/25/07 22:46 Roxii:

    Ha ha, you know I was thinking: if you buy the FULL-sized brushes solo it would be way less than $170!


  • 12/27/07 7:57 the Muse:

    Hey Roxii 😉

    EXACTLY! They are nutters with this set! Insane!



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