Bath & Body Works: Valentine Collection

Bath and Body Works is busy updating it’s site with the Valentine’s Day Collection. Nothing really of great interest to be had as of yet but I’m hopeful they’ll do something special with the Temptation Collection like last year’s Red Hot Love Story Three in One Shower Gel! We shall see!

Here’s what’s available so far:

Japanese Cherry Blossom Love and Pampering Gift Set $42.50 USD
pBBW1 4202284dt

Love and Pammering Sensuality Gift Set in Jasmine Vanilla $36 USD
pBBW1 4212582dt

Feel the Love Japanese Cherry Blossom Gift Set $22.50 USD
pBBW1 4202283dt

Love Bandit Tote and Cosmetic Case $15 USD and $8 USD
pBBW1 4212550dt
pBBW1 4212534v194

Quilted Heart Mani/Pedi Set $10 USD
pBBW1 4212532v194

  • 1/22/08 13:39 rocketqueen:

    Oh my! I’m loving the tote! Well, all of it! Lol!

    Loads of hugs to the Muse! :-*


  • 1/22/08 13:55 the Muse:

    oh my gosh me too! I adore it! I’ll wait though until it’s 99.9% off on clearance hehehe!

    Loads of hugs to you dear!


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