Avon Horizon Blush by Jillian Dempsey Color Comparisons

Ok so I finally laid my hands on Pink Horizon which I was moaning about sometime last week (Click!).

Since we were all musing and wondering what the hell the difference was between Pink and Apricot Horizon I decided to do pictures.

I was finally able to locate Pink Horizon on E-bay since it’s still unavailable at Avon’s website yet but after much bitching, moaning, whining, and pissing about how much I wanted it I scored on E-bay and it popped into my mail box on Saturday! I was properly chuffed to have it as I was so utterly in love with Apricot Horizon I knew that the pink variation would be true love as well!

I wasn’t wrong. As soon as I opened Pink Horizon I fell deeply in love once again! It’s perfectly pigmented, beautiful, and gives my face the perfect touch of color. I said it before and I’ll say it again these are well worth the effort of tracking down and purchasing for your own!

Pink is truly pink. After the many musings we had over how Apricot Horizon looked so pink I’m happy to report that pink is truly pink. The pink variation of this is a truer pink then it’s peach sister and you can obviously see when the two are side by side which is the peach version and which is the pink. Apricot Horizon even appears more peachy then pink when it’s beside Pink Horizon.

Color pay off is different from Apricot and I get more of a pinched pink look from Pink Horizon and more of a peachy glow from Apricot Horizon.

All and all the colors are most definately different!

After all that babbling here they are side by side:

Apricot Horizon

Pink Horizon

Have these?

Want ’em?

Loving the shades?

Tell the Muse!

  • 3/17/08 10:10 Critty:

    Ooooooooo I do want! I kept checking the Avon Canada website but they don’t have them yet. I definitely want them both, they look soooo pretty. I am obsessed with blush lately.


  • 3/17/08 12:31 the Muse:

    hi critty 😉

    Take a look around ebay there are pretty darn good prices for ’em 😉

    I am too 😉


  • 3/17/08 13:06 Liz:

    Both colours are pretty! I tried MAC Coygirl blush yesterday, and I’m in love!!! I like the sheerness of it, very coy indeed! 😛


  • 3/17/08 14:32 A*M*Y:

    Oooo…me loves pink blush!!!! :]


  • 3/17/08 15:28 Kitty:

    They look so cute!!

    Same thing here, canada doesn’t have this available, and neither does ebay. Sigh!! Maybe all we could do is to wait!!!

    But I just can’t say no to these pretties.


  • 3/17/08 20:04 Dalenna:

    oh hey, you can definitely tell the difference better with your pictures. hmm…may be my lighting was bad… I LIKE!!!

    thanks for sharing, Musey!



  • 3/18/08 4:32 Grayburn:

    They look smooth to the touch which is a good thing. Are you finding the ‘gradation’ useful? Happy that you scored these!



  • 3/18/08 7:35 the Muse:

    hiya Liz!!!!!!!

    did you like coygirl really? I thought it was a little but sheer myself so I skipped 😉

    big hugs!


  • 3/18/08 7:36 the Muse:

    hi am!

    Get them! NOW! hehe they are only $3 bucks on ebay 😉


  • 3/18/08 7:37 the Muse:

    hiya kitty whatcha doing honey

    They are cutes 😉

    I’ll help if you need me give a yell!

    I can’t either hehe!


  • 3/18/08 7:38 the Muse:

    hey grayburn!

    How are you!?

    Missed you around here!

    I don’t find the gradation useful at all in all honesty lol!

    However mixing it all up works best for me 😉

    if you need help getting ’em give a yell!


  • 3/18/08 8:11 Liz:

    Yeah, I do like Coygirl really… precisely because it is so sheer.

    I’m still a blush novice (although I got Bourjois’s Rose D’Or a while ago, I rarely used it because it was too red on me and so I got Lune D’Or as a sub), and when one too many cosmetics counter girl commented that I looked too swallow, I decided it was time to start using blush. I started out (again) with MAC blushcreme in Lilicent and after using it for a couple of weeks and liking how dewy my cheeks looked after a light dab of it, I opted to get the powder blush in a sheer enough tone. Today I wore it to work and I used a heavier hand, so my cheeks are actually quite rosy! Coygirl is definitely buildable. Me likey! :)


  • 3/18/08 8:44 Bliss:

    Now i want to try Avon products the Apricot Horizon colour looks great .


  • 3/18/08 8:59 Anonymous:

    Hello! They look so good. But I can’t find them on ebay.com! Could you please send me a link to them if they are still available? Many thanks Muse!


  • 3/18/08 9:00 Anonymous:

    btw my mail sanita.berzina@six.lv Thanks!


  • 3/18/08 11:43 the Muse:

    hey lizz 😉

    Now I wanna go back for a sec look at coygirl b/c first look it was too sheer for me but maybe I could use it to tone down when I’m using some nutty shade of shadow!

    Tone down the red in the blush with a bit of setting powder lovie.

    Oh please don’t listen to what counter girls say! They’ll say anything. I doubt you look swallow!

    Come on 😛

    Have you tried stains? They always seem to work well for me for a pinch of color!

    Hehe 😉 Stop b/c now I wanna go back to to see this blush 😉



  • 3/18/08 11:44 the Muse:

    hey love!

    They are fab! I’ll send you a linkee for ’em via email!



  • 3/19/08 15:54 Liz:

    Haha, first of all, there was a typo in my last post… I meant to say ‘sallow’, not swallow*. I’m sure you were scratching your head, wondering how I would look like a bird! 😛

    Coygirl is definitely buildable, and Rose D’or is definitely ‘tone- down-able’ (don’t know what word to use there, but you catch my drift!). But if you do go back to check out Coygirl and end up forking out 17 dollars for it, don’t blame me! 😀

    Stains… hmmm… I’ve tried Benefit before (BeneTint). I thought it was nice when the makeup artist put it on me, but I didn’t like the runniness of the product and I had a hard time blending it myself. I’m quite happy with my two MAC blushes for now. I guess I’ll be venturing into the blush world again in a year or so! ^^


  • 3/20/08 9:36 the Muse:

    hey liz. I typed it too lol so don’t feel too bad duh!

    LOL I probably will 😉 I was looking at it yesterday and debating b/c you’re right the color is very buildable!

    MAC makes great blushes. Good pigmentation and they blend very very well!

    Benetint isn’t a fav of mine but there are better products around that are less runny and work well 😉 It’s something to consider!


  • 3/20/08 9:41 Liz:

    Hmmmm, you’re right, tint or stain would be something worth looking into. Perhaps this is when Asian brands would be better for me! 😛 Any one(s) you’d recommend off hand?


  • 3/20/08 9:44 the Muse:


    It really is good, gives very natural look!

    for a stain? I got some but I have no idea what it’s called. It was on jpmon 😉

    Search: Japan’s Answer to Benetint

    I have a post for it 😉 just search that.

    Morgen Schick makes a fantastic one that really gives a natural touch of color! Love that one! And it’s not runny. Three small dots and you’re good to go :)

    And blending is a snap!


  • 3/21/08 14:43 Becky:

    Hi, thank’s for the review. I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and I love it!! Lately Avon is really great. I live in Belgium (Europe) and here we just associate Avon as a brand for older ladies but the company really has changed.
    Anyway I bought the 2 blushes and they’re really good if you consider the price. I’m kind of a blushgirl (especially MAC)


  • 3/21/08 23:20 the Muse:

    hiya beck!

    Thanks so much :) That means ALOT to me!

    I must say that I too associate Avon with older ladies. But it’s seriously gotten a revamp lately and the products are shockingly good. I also happen to associate avon with cheapness as in not the good variety 😉 But I’m shocked that stuff is really great lately!

    I’m so pleased to hear you got these and are loving them! I am too! They are bloody good!

    MAC for me too 😉

    Thanks for your wonderful comment Becky!

    I look forward to getting to know you!


  • 4/1/08 16:39 Kanita B.:

    I wish I had read this post earlier to tell you that (I don’t know if it’s different other places in the US, I live in Florida) but the pink horizon blush has been available in the avon catalogs all along. I bought the apricot one online and told my mom about it and she had actually seen the pink in the catalog and ordered it for me. I think it’s really easy to get in contact with an avon lady in your area, either through the avon site or google. (in case that’s more convenient than ebay) I personally think it is I really don’t like buying anything from there unless I absolutely have to.


  • 4/2/08 11:30 the Muse:

    hi Kanita!

    Thanks for the tip 😉 I actually got it for not a bad price on ebay ($3)!

    I don’t ebay too much but it all depends as sometimes prices are jacked up terribly but in this case it was only $3 and a $1.50 for shipping w00t!

    How are you liking these?

    I love both :)

    very prettys!


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