Jewelry Paper

Oh baby I’m all bling’ed up today thanks to my Jewelry Paper! Dontcha love it?

My friend Mayu sent me a package recently and inside was a few packages of “jewelry paper” Now I had never heard of Jewelry Paper and when I first opened this up I wasn’t sure what to do with it. It looked like fancy blotting paper so I took a sheet out and proceeded to rub it across my forehead to soak up any access oil. It worked a treat as far as I was concerned with one problem. The paper started off a deep bronze color but after I blotted my face it had seemed the bronze rubbed off. I just shrugged and went about my business. About an hour later I happened to glance in the mirror to notice my entire forehead was covered in fine shimmer. Oh lord! At least I was at home at the time imagine if I was at work or a public place and blotted my face with this? Disco Diva Baby!


The moral of this tale is that Jewelry Paper is actually little sheets of paper that contain a healthy spray of fine shimmer on them. You can take a sheet and rub it across your eyes, cheeks, arms, or any part of your body and you’ll have a super sweet layer of shimmer that’s left behind after you rub!

Cool right?

Thus the name comes into play as you’ll shimmer like jewelry!

What a neat concept.

The Muse loves shimmer so having an arsenal of cool “sheets” of shimmer whenever she wants to apply a bit of bling is ultra nice!

Mayu purchased these for me in a few colors so I’ll be twinkling for the next few months!

  • 3/5/08 12:15 nilla cookie:

    Wow, what a fun concept and product! I wonder if you can get an even coverage like you do with shimmer puffs. Even if all things were equal, I’d probably prefer to bling myself with a cute puff than scratchy paper…

    Happy Wednesday, Muse!


  • 3/5/08 13:11 Anonymous:

    Duh,Muse :DDD
    Don’t worry, I can easily imagine myself in this little “accident”,lol!


  • 3/5/08 14:29 evo:

    where did your friend get them???


  • 3/5/08 15:12 BeautyChick101:

    What a fun and easy way to get a little extra shimmer before a night out! :)


  • 3/5/08 19:49 krstylkleer:

    Hee…Hee…that sounds exactly like something I would do. Not too long ago I put on some “mood chapstick” while at my desk at work. I completely forgot about it until I went to the ladies room and glanced up at the mirror. My lips were HOT PINK! I was wondering why my boss was looking at me funny! LOL :]


  • 3/5/08 21:05 the Muse:

    Cookie you wanna try some? I’ll send you some. I got a boatload!

    I love puffs 😉 I’m a sucker for vintage victorian powder jars with puffs 😉

    Coverage is pretty good. I used one on my shoulders earlier and it spread nicely 😉



  • 3/5/08 21:06 the Muse:

    hi Anonymous!

    LOL! Duh is right my friend! Imagine me waltzing around the city with a big blotch of shimmer on my forehead. Mind you I have plenty of shimmer everywhere else so it would fit right in I guess 😉


  • 3/5/08 21:07 the Muse:

    hi evo

    she lives in japan so maybe a drugstore or a gift shop or something? :)


  • 3/5/08 21:08 the Muse:

    LMAO krstylkleer!

    Your story is way worst then mine! At least I was home at time time!



  • 3/5/08 21:22 MandyPandy:

    I think Flirt! sells something very similar in several shades.


  • 3/5/08 22:25 nilla cookie:

    Muse you are always too generous! I think trying some would be really interesting – where did your friend get them for you?

    I love the idea that they come in different colors too!


  • 3/6/08 2:20 makeupmag:

    This reminds me of The Body Shop bronzer sheets from a while back. They’re chock full of shimmer!


  • 3/6/08 10:38 Bliss:

    Thats has such a cool packaging and also it has shimmer :)


  • 3/6/08 19:03 karen,

    How fun! Thank you for introducing these to my life, Muse!


  • 3/7/08 9:02 the Muse:

    FLIRT?! The people that sell blush on a roll!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


  • 3/7/08 9:03 the Muse:

    Hey lil!

    Aww 😉 easy enough with mates like you! She lives in Japan so I’m not sure where she got them 😉

    I’ll email ya 😉


  • 3/7/08 9:04 the Muse:

    hey mags!

    Oooo I never tried those. Body Shop cosmetics have totally evovled for me and I’m even a fan!



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