MAC DazzleGlass Dontcha Want It?

Oh my gods dontcha want ’em? I came across this while browsing Bjooti (Click to visit).

I want all of them thank you very much!

God they look amazing!

I hope they have a brush applicator instead of a sponge! I wanna bath in this stuff! No seriously though I think a brush applicator would totally kick it and get the product on in big, yummie, slippery slides! A sponge would suck!

We shall see!

Available from MAC very, very soon but not soon enough for me!

Want ’em all?

Love them?

Dying for them?

Tell the Muse!

  • 3/26/08 8:14 Kitty:

    Oh my God!
    Need #4, #5 and #6!
    Ok, now Iīm a bit more relaxed, time to ask: Dear Muse,do you know if they shimmery, glittery, or what are their characteristics? I would love to know more about these.
    Eru :3


  • 3/26/08 9:31 Adina:

    They DO come with a brush, check out specktra for more juicy details 😉

    Supposedly they are glittery and very sticky! Methinks they won’t be a hit with me!


  • 3/26/08 11:28 Becky:

    They sure look great!!! I had the chance to pre-order Ms Fizz and Babysparks and I can’t wait until I have them.


  • 3/26/08 12:03 Sminkan:

    Yes, I saw them at Bjooti as well and I am also soooooo much in love with at least a few of the colours.


  • 3/26/08 13:38 Liz:

    Hmmmmm, I’m gonna be bold and go with the blue!


  • 3/26/08 15:41 the Muse:

    Hey Eru.

    Hehehe! They are so beautiful aren’t they?

    Shimmery glittery 😉 the entire nine yards!

    They look amazing although I fear they’ll be tacky as hell since all mac glosses are but I love the colors too much to complain!


  • 3/26/08 15:46 the Muse:

    hey adina!
    ugh I need to work the specktra circa sinseriously. I’ve been awful lately with my forum life.

    MMm I suspected the stickyiness. Damn mac always is sticky sigh! Grrrrr!

    Oh well still want me some 😉


  • 3/26/08 15:47 the Muse:

    hey becky!!!!!!

    Ooo we hate you now! Only kidding 😉 We haven’t had any chance to pre-order at least not at my counter. But I’m excited for these big time.

    You’re in the UK right? When are they out your end!?


  • 3/26/08 15:48 the Muse:

    hey Sminkan!

    Me too me too! I bet you want the blue dontcha?!



  • 3/27/08 0:22 (g)ezebel:

    they’re all sooo pretty..!!!


  • 3/27/08 0:58 gracie:

    Hi Muse, this has started to sell on eBay. I wonder how this people manage to get this even before it’s launch! Spektra has the details on this. Looks like it’ll be quite sheer. Saw some swatches of this on other blogs.


  • 3/27/08 7:19 the Muse:

    hey gez :)

    I see you sporting the blue 😉 Very gez friendly!


  • 3/27/08 7:21 the Muse:

    hiya gracie!

    I know. It’s kinda sad. I didn’t buy any. It takes money away from the company doing this plus who knows how legit these are. I’ve seen postings they are very real but I’d just rather wait for the official release. I’m anal like that 😉

    I seen swatches at Temptalia and they looked nice. I must say though that they look might nice even though sheer 😉

    I’m worried about the tacky feeling :(

    are you lemming these at all?

    Thanks for the comment lovie!



  • 3/27/08 10:07 Sminkan:

    Yes, the blue one is on the list… 😉


  • 3/28/08 9:11 the Muse:

    hehe I knew it I knew it 😉


  • 3/29/08 0:58 Irene:

    Heya Muse!

    I was able to pre-purchase one of these, and they do have a brush applicator, similar to the Lustreglasses. These are not at all sticky, but are a bit on the sheer side, at least the color I have. This gloss is amazingly shiny and shimmery, hence the “dazzle” in Dazzleglass. 😉 I’m waiting until the official launch to buy more!

    Stila is releasing a similar product around the same time (May) called Silk Shimmer Gloss. It’s also AMAZING, but I don’t think the color selection is going to be as broad as MAC’s.

    Something for you to look forward to though!


  • 3/31/08 10:19 the Muse:

    hiya irene!

    do I owe you an email? How terribly embarrassing! I’m a mess with emails for the record 😉

    Good to see you in my comment box!

    I’m glad to hear it’s a brush app as I prefer those!

    I’m so excited to hear they are shimmery 😉 That’s great. Even sheer I don’t mind as a little stain under it fixes that problem!

    You’re the stila inside scooper hehehe!

    Did I mention how much I am loving the cheek/lip stain!?

    Thanks for the scoop!



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