MAC Heatherette Swatch Attempt

Ok did my best. I’m NOT a good swatch person but I thought these would be helpful for all my girls in Europe, Asia, China, Etc…that aren’t getting the collection for at least another month or more!

I’m not a good swatcher sadly and the pictures are so so! Hope it helps a little!

Top, From Left to Right: Sock Hop and Style Minx
Bottom, From Left to Right: Lollipop Loving (Why does that sound so porno like?) and Hollywood Nights

Trio 1

Trio 2

Dual Eyeliner Pencils From Left to Right: Pop Blue/Black Funk, Phone Me/Text Me, Nighthawk/Front Row, and Fab Orchid/Dash Lily

I’m off to bed! The Muse is early to bed tonight and very early to rise (5am groaannnnnn!)! Sweet Dreams pretties!

PS I forgot to do a swatch of the piggie will do that tomorrow! I’m ditching Starlet Kiss and Melrose Place so no swatches for those. Way too mod for me! And the Beauty Powders I didn’t swatch because you just couldn’t see them!


  • 3/20/08 21:22 Julie:

    Thank you for the swatches! I love the look of Lollipop Loving :)

    That’s a shame about the beauty powders.


  • 3/21/08 0:15 petitez:

    Oh! Thanks for doing the swatches. Did u use the marco function when u took these photos? I realise that the marco function takes really good close-ups but u need a very steady hand. :)


  • 3/21/08 10:09 the Muse:

    hi Julie!

    You’re most welcome! Lollipop Loving is very nice 😉

    I’ll try to do the BP’s tonight for you on a piece of bright white paper! Is that ok?


  • 3/21/08 17:36 Julie:


    Yes, that’s fine! :)

    Thank you so much!


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