Friends and Family Event

One day only to stock up and save at! 20% Off your total order so go on and score some Summer Collections at a nice discounted price then come back here and tell me what you got!

20% off your entire purchase at is happening today only so run don’t walk to nab yourself some great deals!

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  • 5/21/08 10:58 Adina:

    So what might you be getting? 😉


  • 5/21/08 12:09 the Muse:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm good question :)

    do I need anything is the really great question :)

    How about you!?


  • 5/21/08 14:24 Anonymous:

    hi there,
    how do i know i get my 20% on checkout???


  • 5/21/08 14:29 the Muse:

    hey anonymous

    it’ll be automatically deducted at checkout 😉


  • 5/21/08 14:36 Anonymous:

    thank you so much. like your blog!


  • 5/21/08 14:38 the Muse:

    you’re most welcome lovie.

    if it doesn’t work give a yell and I’ll post a link that should help!

    Thanks :) I’m glad you’re enjoying my babblings!


  • 5/21/08 17:59 Anonymous:

    it’s me again, sorry but it did not give me 20%. can you please post the link. thanks again!


  • 5/21/08 18:11 Ting:

    Thanks for telling us about it!
    You do need the link for it to work, but I just googled it up.
    I finally bought the clarisonic brush after lemming for it for such a longggg time! it was almost a $40 discount!


  • 5/22/08 9:27 the Muse:

    hi Anonymous!

    I’m so sorry but I missed the boat on this. Just got your comment this morning. I wasn’t around last night to get it 😛

    I’m so sorry!


  • 5/22/08 9:30 the Muse:

    hiya ting!

    You’re most welcome! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good hauling! $40 off is a considerable discount! Do stop by and give me the verdict on the brush :) I didn’t much like mine :(

    thanks for the comment :)


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