Philosophy’s Summer Collection 2008

Philosophy is banging out it’s Summer Collection with some seriously cool items this year! Not only are they doing the normal batch of Three in One Shower Gels, Lip Gelees, Kits, Etc…but they are also extending their skin care department with two new editions!

Check it out:

Surfer Girl Exfoliating Shower Gel $20 USD and Surfer Girl Lipshine $10 USD

Both of these are tropical scented (and flavored as far as the lipgloss goes!) to prepare you for the Summer beach weather ahead! Surfer Girl Exfoliating Shower Gel looks promising for prepping your dry skin after a long Winter indoors and Surfer Girl Lipshine sounds tropically yummie for giving your lips a bit of shine!

Philosophy Surfer Girl Gift Set $35 USD

Includes Surfer Girl Lipshine, Surfer Girl Exfoliating Shower Gel, and Surfer Girl Shimmering Body Lotion!

Philosophy’s Tiki Hut Gift Set $35 USD

Although the coconut line has been introduced before I’m still appreciating the awesome new Tiki packaging!

Coconut Body Scrub $25 USD, Coconut Body Butter $25 USD, Coconut Three in One Shower Gel $16 USD, and Coconut Lip Shine $10 USD

Never Let them See Me Shine Cleanser $20 USD and Never Let Them See Me Shiner Primer $20 USD

Since my skin likes to play oily in the Summer it appears these two items may help! Never Let Them See You Shine Cleanser is a deep cleaning cleanser that controls oil and shine! Since I’m currently on the look out for a good primer I wouldn’t mind trying out the new Never Let Them See Me Shine Mattifying Primer!

All in all the Summer selections from Philosophy appear quite good and I’m sure I’ll picking up some for review! Check back soon to hear my thoughts!

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Happy Reading!

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  • 5/9/08 9:41 PaoPao:

    Hi again!

    I got The Body Shop’s Monoi Oil body balsam : incredible smell (mmmmm, it smells liike summer!) and keeps my skin moisturized. Highly recommended!



  • 5/9/08 12:30 the Muse:

    Ooooo I haven’t tried that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything that smells summery I’m all over it!!!! I want Bobbi Brown’s Beachy perfume 😉



  • 5/9/08 23:26 Anonymous:

    Try Smashbox Anti-Shine. It’s a great mattifying product!


  • 5/11/08 2:33 Paopao:

    Haven’t tried it… yet! I’ll go to the counter this week and try :)


  • 5/11/08 22:26 psychoexgirlfriend:

    What’s funny is that I was just looking at these products today at I was thinking about finally picking up some Philosophy skincare products – mostly the Purity Made Simple and Microdelivery whatever. 😀 The coconut products look soooo nice however. May add that to my cart.


  • 5/12/08 8:51 the Muse:

    hi Anonymous!

    Smashbox sadly breaks me out. but thanks for the tip!

    Happy Monday!


  • 5/12/08 8:52 the Muse:

    hi pao pao!

    😉 Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Curious if they are available your side yet 😉

    They look yummie!


  • 5/12/08 8:58 the Muse:

    hi psychoexgirlfriend!

    Those are two of the best products imo 😉

    The coconut products smell gorgeous and I love the new tiki packaging :)

    The scrub is great!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 5/18/08 17:50 Kara:

    I am so tempted by this line! I think I’ll grab some coconut shower gel!


  • 5/19/08 8:50 the Muse:

    hi kara

    me too :)

    I have the coconut but I want the others hehe!


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