theBalm Bahama Mama

Move over Hot Mama a new girl is in town! theBalm has introduced a new powder to it’s popular line up entitled Bahama Mama!

In the vein of Hot Mama this cute compact is filled with beach-worthy bronze powder to give your skin a sun kissed tan without the sun!

The Muse no likey bronze powder but she definately likey the cute packaging on this! I Heart Hot Mama but I can’t love Bahama Mama sadly! But hey for all you sun divas out there this be the perfect powder!

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  • 5/12/08 12:55 MandyPandy:

    Hmmm… Well, I DO need a new bronzer. I had to ditch my trusty Wet n’ Wild bronzer, as it was made in China (long story, will post on it soon).

    Bahama Mama looks nice, but I doubt my skin will be able to tolerate the polyethylene. Plus that upskirt pic on the packaging kinda grosses me out; it’s like “Girls Gone Wild: Polynesia”. I’m considering Make Up Forever’s Matt Bronze, instead.

    PS: I read your previous post on Clarisonic. You gots to ditch the Clarisonic before it’s too late! Don’t makes the same mistake that I did!

    Seriously, demand a refund.


  • 5/12/08 14:17 (g)ezebel:

    i love their packaging!


  • 5/13/08 6:31 the Muse:

    hey mandy :)

    Can’t wait to hear it 😉 I’ve been swamped so haven’t visited nearly enough! Be over soonish!

    LOL You’re nuts 😛 The color looks utterly off to me. When I think bronze I’m more into the healthy peach color where as this is cardboard brown..or is it only me that noticed that?!

    Just replied a bit ago. Sorry for the delay 😉 I’m returning it to Sephora shortly PHEW!

    Why did you like it?


  • 5/13/08 6:32 the Muse:

    hey gez!

    Me too! Wish stila would take a note and bring back the stila girls more often :)


  • 5/13/08 6:33 the Muse:

    morning nicks :) how are you today!?

    I’d say save your cash for something better too 😉 Tanning, bronzing, etc…they make my full face even fuller. I hate the look of a tan on my skin! Yuk! I’m already sporting a double chin with a tan it becomes triple 😉 hehe!


  • 5/13/08 12:23 MandyPandy:

    Why did I like what?


  • 5/14/08 5:41 the Muse:

    oops sorry
    the clarisonic.

    Didn’t you say you liked it in your review?


  • 5/14/08 9:49 MandyPandy:

    No, that wasn’t the review. Actually, I said that I desperately wanted it, but when I got, I didn’t even used it for the first two weeks. Then I used it regularly for like, a week. I do this kinda stuff a LOT. Before it was the Clarisonic, it was the T3 Tourmaline hairdryer (oy vey!). For 2009, I’m planning on not buying anything that’s not a necessity; this madness has to stop!


  • 5/14/08 12:29 the Muse:

    MMm don’t feel bad I’m the same. I go through a honeymoon period with stuff and I’m loving it at the moment but within a few days, a week, a month,’s laying under bathroom counter with the rest of the crap I only used for a few days. I’m wasteful like that at times :(

    I guess it’s part of being a girl!?

    I’m sorta kinda banning myself at this point.

    I’m trying to refrain from going nuts with cosmetics too since I’ve got a load of PR crap to review sometimes I get really overwhelmed 😛


  • 11/29/10 7:36 Alina:

    I actually have to disagree, I love the matte color for countouring more than as a bronzer..there is no shimmer and for my pale skin it’s perfect for giving me higher cheekbones and a narrower nose (for photos at least) I have to say i just for like it. I found theBalm at and (same site/cart) when they stopped carrying it a Sephora. They ship for free and overnight. Plus of you use code “BABYSMILE” at checkout you can save like 20% on the purchase..I also get Lorac and Stila there too.


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