Summer Collection 2008: Paul and Joe Flirt

The new Paul and Joe Summer Collection 2008 entitled Flirt is available as of June 1st within Japan and at your local counters (if you’re lucky enough to have a counter around).

The collection isn’t anything wow aspiring so it’s safe to say I won’t be partaking but definately check back soon as I’m sure the Fall Collection will be something great!

This collection consists of a variety of new mascaras, leg powder, lotion, etc….a bit of a snore for me. The mascaras are actually new as of May so that could be considered a late Spring release and the leg items are released as of June.

I’m not really loving it but I thought it deserved a mention!

Bored as the Muse?

Want it?

Tell me!

Check out my major haul of yum from the Paul and Joe Disney X Collection by clicking here!

  • 6/26/08 8:15 Beauty Addict:

    Hey Izzy, I got a mailer from them. But they don’t look really interesting. Paul and Joe has been recently looking blah except for the Disney release which we didn’t get here in SG. I’m still feeling sore about that :( lol..

    gracie 😉


  • 6/26/08 10:21 the Muse:

    hello gorgeous 😉

    ya..I rarely get excited over it either. I did love the cat print from last Fall. Iris had sent over the matching bag that went with that collection and I nearly flipped as I adored that particular print :)

    But aside from that it’s ho-hum.

    It doesn’t surprise disney x didn’t make it to singapore as it was sold out in Japan within a few hours so I was doubtful it would make it’s way across the line even though ‘pore has a knack for getting LE’s lately!

    Aww no worry something else will come along you’ll fancy and love even more 😉


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