Too Faced Lash Injection Pint Point Mascara

I’m busy testing out a majority of the Too Faced Smoke & Mirrors Fall Collection but I did notice that Too Faced happened to extend the line to include Too Faced Lash Injection Pin Point Mascara.

I’m not too much of a fan of the regular Lash Injection however I am slightly curious about Lash Injection Pin Point as it does sound promising!

At $19.50 USD it’s a nice rounded price for mascara plus it promises precision application to lashes and looks like it might be able to come through on those promises with the tiny brush it sports.

It is a fiber mascara which does turn me off as I’m not a big lover of fiber mascaras however it does look very interesting!

Anyone try it yet?

Want to?

Tell the Muse!

If you’re lemming it it’s available now from Sephora.

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  • 8/5/08 11:27 sarahPUFFY:

    I hope you realize, that this is just an expensive version of Maybelline’s Lash Discovery! $19 is WAY too much for some shit I can get at Walgreens. LD is pretty damn good, too – adds decent volume and holds a curl! It was my go-to until the moment I ran out.


  • 8/5/08 13:41 Ethereal Prey:

    i got the smaller one for 5 bucks from sephora, it worked ok, but it didn’t hold a curl and gave me panda eyes, i have to use a primer for it to be effective. that’s my 2 pennies


  • 8/6/08 10:06 the Muse:

    hi sarahPUFFY!

    I haven’t seen the maybelline lash discovery darlin’ 😉

    You know me and drugstores..I avoid ’em like the plague 😉

    rather indulge in this than anything maybelline makes 😛


  • 8/6/08 10:07 the Muse:

    hi Ethereal Prey!

    darn! Lemmings cured 😉

    Oh well 😛


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