Etude House Fall Collection 2008

Etude House has updated it’s website with the latest color story for Fall 2008. It’s a pretty small collection that also includes a skincare package that appears to be some sort of peel for the skin. I won’t be indulging in the skincare but some of the offerings from the point makeup selection looks very nice. The color story quite reminds me of Smashbox’s Wicked Lovely promotion but sports a more kawaii feel.

Etude House is mostly focused on the brand new mascara releasing with this collection. It looks like one version creates fuller, plumper lashes and the other separates and curls. There version of the Wicked Lovely promo is more of a Foxy versus Innocent look. I like it!

Other offerings in the collection are plumping glosses and a new face powder.

Although a small selection of goodies it still manages to catch my fancy so expect a review shortly!

Seen this new promo?

Loving it?

Tell the Muse!

P.S. Etude House has a rather cute blog theme you can download and use as part of your blog’s template! Do check it out! I thought it was rather cute!

  • 9/9/08 13:15 (g)ezebel:

    i love the colors!!


  • 9/10/08 7:52 Pinky or Ping?:

    woohoo this look tempting.. and finally my place here had a etude house store! can’t wait to buy. they have beautiful brushes too


  • 9/10/08 8:20 the Muse:

    hehe just ordered me some ping!

    Can’t waittttttttttt!!!!!!!!!


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