Bourjois Paris So Delicate Lip Creme Lipstick

A few of the Bourjois Paris International portals have been updated including the Japanese one with a brand new Lip Creme entitled So Delicate.

Bourjois Paris So Delicate will be available in six shades and is a gentle cream formula that glides onto lips like a lipstick leaving behind a matte pigmented finish for supposedly eight hours of wear.

Bourjois Paris So Delicate is available now in Japan, Russia, the Nederlands, and France. It should arrive shortly in the UK I’m sure.

Currently the price is set at 2,000 yen, I suspect it’ll be slightly cheaper in the UK but not by much.

It looks quite interesting and it’s something I definitely want to try.

What do you think?

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  • 10/8/09 13:07 Olga:

    I live in Russia and i have this lipstick in 57 rouge chic. on the whole, i like it because of the intense colour it gives to my lips and smooth application. but it also seems to dry the lips a little bit and it does disappear in about two hours. maybe applying lip liner to the entire lip surface might help, though i haven’t tried this yet.


    • 10/15/09 9:57 the Muse:

      hi olga!

      aww sorry to hear that 😛 I’ve been using UD lip primer lately which REALLY helps my darker lipsticks stick and stay 😀


  • 2/13/10 8:04 mimi:

    i live in the uk and i think the lipcolours are available to buy already and have been for a while…i’ll be picking up some myself !


    • 2/15/10 16:54 the Muse:

      hey mimi they sure are. this is a really old post so they are def out and available for a while now!


  • 5/13/12 2:16 Lola:

    I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! I love matte lip creams, especially when it comes from my favorite affordable brand ‘Bourjois’! :)


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