WANT: Marcelle Concealer Palette

Hello my name is Muse and I’m addicted to concealers. I realize that concealers have come and gone out of my life the past few year at an alarming rate but I’m still on board for any new one I see that tickles my fancy and promises a flawless under eye coverage!

Currently topping my hit list is the Marcelle Concealer Palette!


Dontcha just dig concealers that have several colors? It’s like a little paint box waiting for us to mix, blend, and cocktail our way to perfection!

Marcelle is a French brand based in Canada so the Muse has to do a little homework to get a friendly Canadian to grab this for her but after she’s done the hard work she’ll be back to bring you a review of this concealer.

Is it worth it? Remains to be seen but I have to try it out for myself and add it to my rather obscene stash of concealers to finally lay to rest the matter if my WANTing need is really worth it!

Which products are currently on your WANT list?

Any concealers making the list?

Tell the Muse!

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  • 12/15/11 4:14 prettynixondoll:

    favorite concealer of all time? sonia kashuk concealer palette (it’s a quad like the one above)… there are two shades (light and medium) and a yellow (to neutralize redness) and a powder (to set the concealer). I use the medium and the yellow the most! yellow b/c I’m blasian and I have a lot of yellow undertones. If i use the light shade its as a highliter for under my eyebrows!— heard that if you outline your eyebrows with concealer it accentuates your eyebrows.


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