Product Musings: MAC Eyeshadow Firespot

The Muse thinks we should all sign a petition and ask MAC to freaking bring back Firespot! Too many makeup junkies have not experienced the beauty and joys of Firespot, blasphemy!

The Muse has an orange eyeshadow here and there. She also owns a few peaches, a few bronzes, and a coral or two, and other wonderful shades that fall into the “orange” category. But she’s never quite run across such a stunning, pigmented shade of pure orange flame like MAC Firespot.

Upon it’s release with the MAC Moonbathe Collection it sold out uber quickly. I was lucky to get one at the time as I was a week to late hauling Moonbathe as I recall it.

It’s possibly the most prettiest shade I’ve come across and quite reminds me of a flame of a fire. It’s extremely pigmented and works amazingly well with golds to create a gorgeous Summery eye look!

Loves it!

Can we please has it back now MAC?

How about you?

Have it?

Love it?

Tell the Muse!

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  • 12/12/09 22:55 Samantha:

    I have the Claire de Lune shade from the Moonbathe collection, and I LOVE it. You can find a few of the Moonbathe pieces in outlets. I have tracked down a few Claire de Lune’s in my time :)


    • 12/14/09 16:20 the Muse:

      that’s a great one samantha 😀 very pretty shade 😀 I got lucky at CCO a few times with the moonbathe collection :)


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