Viva la Diva Tropical Temptation

Ooooo I so need the cool aquas and greens that make up the Viva la Diva Tropical Temptation Collection.

Hello gorgeous!

Consisting of a gorgeous palette filled with an array of shimmering aquas and greens, Viva La Diva Tropical Temptation definitely tempts! Yum!

The collection also includes four pots of eye candy which is a shimmering cream shadow.

And finally some popping shades candy colored nail polish!

The Muse is a big lover of aquas and ocean greens for the Summer so this collection calls out my name!

Anyone up for a trip to Sweden? I’m free tonight!

Let’s go!

  • 11/24/09 1:37 Jamie Tom:

    Hi, I was wondering where you could suggests I find this brand through the web? I tried other forums, like you suggests, to find people from Sweden, but I was unfortunately out of luck. I was really interested in trying the Eye Candy cream shadow in that white color? Please let me know at your earliest convience.
    Much appreciated!


    • 11/24/09 8:25 the Muse:

      Hi Jamie

      If not forums how about MUA? That’s my only suggestion hun sorry. I haven’t seen it online or on e-bay etc for sale sadly. I would def check MUA though!

      Hope this helps!


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