Lush Queen of Hearts Review

Juice Newton said it best, playing with the Queen of Hearts baby!

A few people requested a review of Lush Queen of Hearts and since I only had a tiny silver in my soap dish I ended up buying a slab so I could review it for you. Love me much?

Lush Queen of Hearts is a completion soap. Yes, that means it’s a soap you use on your face. As in a bar of soap! Horror! Anyone wince when I said a bar of soap? Didn’t our mother’s tell us never use a bar of soap on our faces? If you wash your face with soap you should be ashamed!

No worries though Queen of Hearts is the awesome and meant exclusively for the skin on your face. If you’re familiar with rose water and glycerin toner, Queen of Hearts is the equivalent in a soap bar form. It’s a gentle cleanser made with a base of rose petals and cocoa butter to keep skin nice and moisturized. Almond and balancing geranium oils make your skin soft and do it all without drying your skin out.

So how do you use it?

As you would any soap. Wet it, later up, and rinse. The soap is gentle, non drying and removes makeup beautifully (not waterproof mascara mind you but everything else gets whisked away). Your skin is left feeling moist, dewy, and fresh after use. It’s possibly one of my favorite ways to get clean even better than cleansing oil in some cases. I don’t pay as much attention to Lush Queen of Hearts as I do my other skincare items which is a shame as it’s a great bargain since a 3.5oz bar will set you back $7 bucks and last you literally ages plus my dry skin sucks up the incredible formula.

I’d actually recommend it for most any skin type as it’s soothing and not overly moisturizing. It smells of clean fresh roses. There isn’t much not to like about Queen of Hearts.

I highly recommend trying this out while it’s still available (it’s a Retro item so who knows if it’ll disappear sometime soon!). As I mentioned the price is amazing plus it gets skin clean while being gentle enough for oily skin types and offering moisture to those with dry.

Truly the perfect bar of soap…yes I said bar of soap…for your skin!

Comes with my highest recommendation for purchase! Undoubtedly Muse Approved.

Anyone try?


Tell me about your experience with Lush Queen or Hearts of Lush skincare in general!

  • 11/21/10 15:27 alli:

    Hey Muse!! are you still liking this Wueen of hearts complexion soap? actually, i’m not even sure if it is still available retro online? but figured i would see if you were still a fan!?!?! it seems that you and i agree on lots of products, so i’m taking your direction…!


    • 11/22/10 9:26 the Muse:

      Hi Alli. Yup, I still love Queen of Hearts. It’s great for quickie face cleaning!


  • 1/13/13 14:17 Satya:

    Thanks for the suggestion! I have some of their products, a clay face wash which works amazing and smells great, and a salt scrub body wash.. love them both, and will try this! Thank you Muse! I love your blog site title by the way!!!


    • 1/14/13 9:44 the Muse:

      hi satya happy to hear and thanks so much 😀


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