Steals and Deals; GOSH Cosmetics 3 for 2 @ SuperDrug

My beautiful British readers….


Quickie heads up, GOSH Cosmetics is 3 for 2 at SuperDrug. Go ahead and proceed to stock up you lucky, lucky, lucky chicas.

We all hate on you for this (no worries it’s only until the sale is over).

I’m going to seek out my British mates now and beg them for steals and deals from GOSH, brb!

  • 2/25/10 0:02 Su:

    hahaha superdrug has 3 for 2 sales for gosh almost every month…or very very frequent so if I want to get something from gosh I just wait for a month or less for sales to be back =] I think this is the only point I am glad I am in UK right now


    • 2/25/10 9:26 the Muse:

      su so jealous! :)


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