Stash Spotlight: B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Eye Shadow Palette

Many of you enjoyed my brief foray into B Never Cosmetics during my lash stash spotlight so today I thought I’d just do a few pictures of the fantastic B Never Shadow Palettes they used to carry.

I haven’t been to a B store in two years but as far as I know these are no longer available which is a shame.

Click ahead for the deets and pictures!

The palette is a gorgeous, heavy jewel encrusted affair and houses five shades of B Never Eye Shadow inside. It has a bit of a Indian theme to it somewhat as the little jewels and bling look like tiny bindis. It’s quite a nice piece of cosmetic and obviously very vanity worthy. I plopped one of the regular smaller B Never single shadows next to the larger palette so you can see the size difference.

You can find B by visiting

They do ship to the US!

Hope you enjoyed this adventure into B Never. More to come soon!

  • 10/27/09 20:56 Imelda:

    Muse have you heard? B Never is going out of business this Christmas! A bunch of friends and I are going to get some of the Christmas collection before it’s gone by next spring. I’m so sad!


    • 10/28/09 15:31 the Muse:

      i know imelda heard sometime ago and was utterly devasted. gonna stock up on my favs before it’s gone :( sigh!


  • 12/23/09 17:36 ruby:

    aww im devastated too… love most stuff from B Never.. I have the Bombshell palette, stunning colors and gorgeous packaging. Will make sure to stock up on their lip creams. They are must-have!


    • 12/28/09 16:33 the Muse:

      ruby I sob myself to sleep at night over it. I can’t believe it. Will truly miss the fragrances le sigh!


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