Want It: Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask

Although I’m the first one to admit that my beloved Lush does have some products that don’t work…..

Ahem….Lush Fresh Face Mask.

No worky.

I’ve tried them all and I honestly never see incredible results after use. You’d think with all those good for you bits inside that your face would be glowing after use, not so much.

But that doesn’t stop me from wanting the brand new Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask. It’s too tempting with it’s blend of fresh bananas, oatmeal, almonds, and vanilla..god my stomach is grumbling sounds good enough to eat to me!

Ground almonds exfoliating dead skin, bananas are a great nutritious treat for your skin as they soften and reduce redness. Although I don’t sport redness I could get on board with some extra softness.

I’ll take two thanks so much.

Available now from Lush UK and soon to follow around the rest of this world.

Wants it!

  • 1/30/10 14:56 LINDARRAGNAR:

    otafix is lushes nicest face mask 😀 it smells so good and helps remove any excess oil and reduces redness in my face. It makes my skin glow, also BB Seaweed makes my face glow but smells Awful!!!!


    • 2/1/10 15:28 the Muse:

      hey linda I didn’t get a chance to try it yet. I don’t really love the Lush masks as I find they don’t do much for my skin :( I love Cupcake’s smell though!


  • 1/18/11 1:25 callie:

    This is old, I realize, but seriously….I love this mask. I am using it RIGHT THIS MINUTE. It feels really nice and hydrates my skin, especially after being in the harsh arid desert of Las Vegas. I always have good experiences with the other masks as well, particularly for softening and cleansing. Good thing they are cheap too though.


    • 1/18/11 12:48 the Muse:

      so glad to hear it callie ;-D


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