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So you know by now all your favorite beauty brands are out there in Twitter-land tweeting away about life, the universe, and everything. I should hope by now you’re followin’ ’em and talking to them daily as they are a friendly lot.

But did you also know that your fav brands are bloggin’ it to? More and more brands are beginning to take on the world of blogging. It’s a social marketing media-fest as brands Tweet, Facebook, mySpace, and Blog their way through the Internet. It’s a great way of getting some one on one time with your fav brands.

Jump ahead to learn about more brands who are blogging.

So who’s blogging? Lots of folk! Here are five to tease you into the world of beauty brand blogging.

The Lancome Blog

Beauty Blogs 2

Kerry Diamond, VP for Public Relations at Lancome and former beauty editor keeps you in the know about all things Lancome.

Beauty and the Blog

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A variety of editors make up (literally makeup) the blogging world of Sephora. Learn about new collections, steals and deals from Sephora, tips, tricks, and trends from the superstore of makeup.

Urban Decay

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Urban Decay doesn’t quite have a blog yet but they do babble a fair bit on their mySpace page blog. Learn about new collections, sales, looks, and much more as they keep you informed about all things UD.


Beauty Blogs 2221

If the Illamasqua bug has bit you in the bum (no worries it’s taken a bite out of everyone lately) you’ll be happy to know they keep an up to date blog about all the goings on at Illamasqua headquarters. You’ll be the first to know about anything new launching from the brand as they post it directly on their blog.

Tarte Cosmetics

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Tarte cosmetics boards the blogging bandwagon too! Discussing not only Tarte cosmetics but all good things beauty.

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