The Body Shop Fall Collection 2009: The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents Review and Swatches

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents is available now in store and online. The Body Shop went a little warm this year and a little bold with their new Fall line up. I was quite delighted to see a mix of Fall friendly shades thrown together with some very vibrant, popping shades of green, blue, and lilac. Quite an interesting collection if you’re a friendly fan of color.

In honor of their new Fall Collection, The Body Shop is featuring new haul videos daily from youTubers who review, discuss, and even do tutorials using the collection. You can hop on over to The Body Shop Blog and enjoy a new video daily to see who’s loving all over the collection and what sort of looks they created. The Muse did a very brief video on her MuseTV channel over on youTube however she doesn’t particularly excel at video creating which is why she is following up that review with a post here on Musings.

Jump ahead for my review of The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents.

The Muse happens to be a big lover of baked blushes and shadows which is why this collection appeals in a major way. Made up of two baked shadows and two baked blushes this collection is sure to please those who have a similar liking of “baked products” as I do.

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents Blush Trio are available in two shades and quite remind me of a Summer release from a year or so ago entitled Solar Duos. I really adored those blushes so when I got my hands on these I was quite chuffed proper how similar the color combos were. As with many of their blush releases these are only available in two shades which makes it easy to decide between settling on a cool or warm look. Shades available are Cool Dusk and Warm Sunset. Each blush is made up of three shades with a shimmer finish, it’s quite a subtle shimmer so no worries about the disco ball effect. Cool Dusk was my least favorite of the two as it applied a little too frosty on me. It’s a mix of darker and lighter pinks with a follow up of a cool, almost lilac shade. Warm Sunset is my favorite and the flattering of the two for Fall. This is a mix of deep shades of coral, orange, and bronze. It gives cheeks a beautiful warm glow which is quite fitting for the season. Each blush is quite pigmented and blends flawlessly however as I said Cool Dusk was really frosty on my cheeks and sadly frost doesn’t wear well on my fuller face.

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 24

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 25

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 26

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 27

Unlike many years past where they release three or four new shadows this year they settled on two shade selections. The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents eye trios are made up of three shades with a frosty, slightly shimmery finish. The shades can be combined to create a contrasting look or used separately if you like to create three looks instead of simply one. As with the blushes I was leaning towards the warmer shade as a favorite which is entitled Sundown Glow. This trip has a creamy white beige, a copper bronze, and a rich chocolate brown, rather ideal for Fall. The other shade, Moonlight Lustre, is a bit bolder for Fall and consists of blue, green, and a light lilac.

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 16

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 17

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 18

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 19

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 20

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 21

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 28

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 29

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 30

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 31

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 32

This is where things get a bit interesting…..

Following up with the blushes and shadow trios are five shades of The Body Shop Metallic Eye Definer Eye Pencils. These shades are all pretty different and exciting for Fall. Two of which, the blue and emerald green, are an interesting choice for Fall. Also available are purple, a copper penny, and a steel gray shade. The liners are quite creamy and glide onto the eye nicely. They are an interesting contrast to what I’d deem “warmer” for Fall. Aside from the bronze shade the colors are all very vibrant and bolder for the season.

Lastly, a new line of lipsticks was released available in a variety of shades. The Body Shop ColourGlide Lipstick is a nice moisturizing, slightly fruity tasting, pigmented shade of lipstick. I generally like The Body Shop Lipsticks as many of you do too since our last haul from The Body Shop’s Moroccan Rose Collection which featured some really great lipsticks. These are no different as they have a very good texture and formula. These will probably become a standard catalog item as the shade selection is vast which leads me to believe they’ll be around for a good while.

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 15

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 22

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 23

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 13

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 14

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents 33

For my warm look below I used the Eye Shadow Trio in Sundown Glow on my eyes. It’s a pretty simple look as I swept the lightest shade all over my lid as a base, concentrating on my highbrow to highlight that area with the creamy beige shade. After I applied the bronze on my lid and blended the richer chocolate shade into my crease. On my cheeks I applied the Blush Trio in Warm Sunset to my cheeks and Colourglide Lipstick in Sunset Peach to my lips. Presto! Warm Fall look! Likey!

The Body Shop Fall Look 3

The Body Shop Fall Look 2

The Body Shop Fall Look 1

For my cooler look I used the Eye Shadow Trio in Moonlight Lustre on my eyes. I used this a bit differently than the promo images as I took a little liberty creating my look in a different way. I used the lilac shade all over my lid, sweeping it up and into my crease. I followed up by applied the green shade on my lid and a bit of the blue on the outer V of my eye. The promo model is wearing the lilac shade in the inner corner of her eye which is also an interesting effect. On my cheeks I’m wearing the Blush Trio in Cool Dust and on my lips the ColorGlide Lipstick in Berry Shimmer.

The Body Shop Fall Look 19

The Body Shop Fall Look 13

The Body Shop Fall Look 20

Overall, I’m usually on board for hauling any LE pieces from The Body Shop as you know from prior posts. I was quite happy to be able to test out these pieces for Fall. I’m partial to the warmer shades in the collection simply because it’s fitting with the season for me. Everything is of good quality with plenty of pigmentation and ease of application as they blend beautifully well so it’s not rubbish makeup you’re picking up. I think it’s worthy of a look at particularly the Warm Sunset Blush, Sundown Glow Shadow, and the new Colourglide Lipsticks.

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Visit The Body Shop Blog for further details about the videos they’ll be featuring daily.

Stay tuned I have a few more bits I’ll be reviewing from The Body Shop shortly particularly a mineral shadow I tried and a mattifying gel, likey!

By the way, if you’re lemming The Body Shop Colourglide really hard you can snag it with Free Shipping from the site. 37 shades to choose from, talk about variety.

  • 9/10/09 21:55 Marley:

    I realllly like this collection. Both the looks are good on you, but the warm really brings out your perfect skin and makes you *glow*. Love it! I didn’t think I’d like that blush from the swatch, but it looks fantastic on you. You lemming-creator….


    • 9/10/09 22:04 the Muse:

      aw thanks marley you’re lovely :-D I really like the warm one best as it’s not as frosty as the pink :-D thank you so much for your lovely comment! If you liked this collection due check out my Moroccan Rose review that was a really nice collection from the body shop :-D!


  • 9/10/09 22:44 Fresco Phyrra:

    Cool Dusk is gorgeous! The Shimmering Steel is nice. The warm look is very nice and natural on you, but I love the cooler eyes on you.


    • 9/11/09 7:32 the Muse:

      thanks dd :-D *hugs* Shimmering Steel I’m eager to try with a smoky look!


  • 9/11/09 5:05 Eru:

    Aww! You look so pretty in the warm look pictures! <3 Well, you look great in both looks, but I find the warm one really flattering on you.
    I am lemming for the new lippies but I already own many lipsticks… are there any really unique shades in the range?
    Hugs :3


    • 9/11/09 7:34 the Muse:

      thanks eru! *hugs*!!!! I really like the warm as well. Much more fall like :-D I haven’t seen them all yet. I went into the shop a few days ago but I was lured into looking at other things and completely forgot to look at the lippies as I did want to pick up two shades that I seen swatched on the site. I’ll see about going back and tell which are unique/must have. 37 shades is crazy variety they have to have a few that are interesting I’m sure!


  • 9/11/09 9:24 gio:

    I love Cool Dusk, it’s beautiful! I like both looks you did with these. I think the warm look suits you better, but I just love the eye makeup in the cooler look.


    • 9/11/09 9:25 the Muse:

      thanks gio!!!! :-D You’re lovely. They did a nice job with these. Impressive array of goodies this season!


  • 9/11/09 12:57 Dao:

    I love your warm look. These new products look smashing but TBS already folded their last shop in my town about 1.5 years ago :(


    • 9/11/09 12:59 the Muse:

      omg dao no body shop!? sad sigh :( at least you can shop online if you’re really lemming :-D

      aw and thanks! I loved the warm stuff the best!


  • 9/12/09 8:22 BeautyBitch:

    Great review, I’m loving this whole collection and picked up both blushes as soon as they were released. I’m eyeing the eyeshadows too even though I’m not a huge fan of baked shadow products.


    • 9/14/09 15:10 the Muse:

      hey bora!

      :-D they are really nice damn pigmented for baked items too :-D Did you love the peach best? or the pink? I’m leaning towards the peachy shade as my new fall fav!


      • 9/14/09 19:58 BeautyBitch:

        I can’t pick a favourite, as I’m a huge fan of both. They are sheeny but I’ve branched back into shiny cheek colour again after a couple of years of mattes.


        • 9/16/09 10:11 the Muse:

          I thought the pink was a little too frosty for me :-D but I’m loving the peach Bora :_D ohhhh no I can’t pull off matte blush! I stink at app!


  • 10/17/09 9:49 emily:

    i like both lip shades on you!! also, the cool dusk looks really great! i wonder how they compare to their shimmer waves though?


    • 10/19/09 16:23 the Muse:

      thanks emily :-D I believe they are more pigmented than the Shimmer Waves, hope this helps hun!


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