Philosophy Pink Frosted Angel Wings Set

Philosophy Pink Frosted Angel Wings Set  4

Happy Monday guys!

The Muse was thinking she’d go ahead and jump start your dreary Monday morning (must be dreary if it’s anything like the Muse’s Monday, I hate Monday) with a little something sweet from Philosophy.

It’s sweet, it’s frosted, it angelic, and it’s shimmery….got your attention yet?

Check it after the jump!

Packaged in a sweet pink box this set is Heaven on earth featuring shimmering shower gel, body lotion, and a lip shine for $27. It’s infused with the scent of fresh snow and pink frosting making for light, sweet, girlish scent. The Muse hasn’t tried it yet but the description of the scent sounds quite gorgeous.

It’s available now from QVC exclusively, Item Number A93927 and includes the following:

  • Philosophy Pink Frosted Angel Wings 8 oz Shower Gel
  • Philosophy Pink Frosted Angel Wings 8 oz Shimmer Body Lotion
  • Philosophy Pink Frosted Angel Wings Lip Shine

Philosophy Pink Frosted Angel Wings Set  3

Philosophy Pink Frosted Angel Wings Set  2

Philosophy Pink Frosted Angel Wings Set  1

Loves it!

  • 10/27/09 14:46 dina:

    i was stalking this all weekend but finally talked myself out of it since i have a lot of their snow products still & am not a fan of pink frosting :) did you pick this up? would love to hear your review if you did muse! :)


    • 10/27/09 15:27 the Muse:

      I did indeed dina 😀 review coming soon as it arrives hun 😀 I couldn’t resist, TRIED hard to resist :) but couldn’t!


  • 11/4/09 4:51 Cat:

    I saw this and I too like snow but not pink frosting so I can’t wait to hear your review. Also is snowman from QVC the same as the Snow line? Also I know you follow Lush as well Muse, can you tell me how Sugar Plum Fairy compares to Lush’s Snow Fairy?



    • 11/4/09 10:30 the Muse:

      hi cat!

      same as the snow line? Snowman kinda smelled like sugar cookie to me. A bit of lemon, crisp, fresh. No way they are VERY VERY VERY different. Both are lovely but they are way different Cat, take it from me you need both but if you have to choose one go with Lush especially if you love uber sweet stuff!


      • 11/4/09 16:01 Cat:

        I have in the last two months very much become a lush addict! I recently got a very large sample of SF I’m working on but was trying to decide which one to add to my Christmas list! I will definitely get at least one bottle of SF but wasn’t sure if I needed the Sugar Plum also!

        I ordered the Snow gift set and the marshmallow gift set using the Sephora F&F code! But then I went on,, and Nordstroms looking at the other philosophy sites to see what else I needed! That’s when I found the sugar plum fairy! Snow moisturizing body spritz, snow hand & foot cream, along with celebrate dreams (lemongrass), life (lime), and love (blackberry). I believe the Celebrate collection is the same they had at nordstroms annv sale?!?! Then of course I found the Snowman on QVC! Ahhh so many to choose from!


        • 11/4/09 16:03 Cat:

          OH! and I picked up the Have a Cherry Christmas! It smells soooo good!


          • 11/4/09 16:20 the Muse:

            loveeeeee cherry christmas cat so good!

        • 11/11/09 16:38 the Muse:

          hi cat

          sorry for the delayed reply -D AWESOME! love SF!!!!!!! My favorite lush item 😀 SP is nice as well but way different :)

          I didn’t see the body spritz link me up? 😀 I love love the Bubbly scents, those are my favs!


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