Sephora Brand Shadow Shields

The Muse is all about easy clean up when it comes to fall out.  I have a serious problem with fall out.  Ugh. I’ve taken to wrapping a finger in scotch tape and using it to pick up any glittery bits and bobs but occasionally I do run out of the house with all sorts of wack on my face. Shrug. Oh wells.


Over a year ago I discovered and reviewed for you life saving Shadow Shields. My god these so changed the way I did makeup. They are basically a thin cotton pad cut in a half moon shape with a stick back. You stick this under your eye and it easily captures your shadow fall out for easy clean up. Loves it!

Now get this.

Sephora has shadow shields! ha!

shadow shields

Yup, yup now you can get ’em at Sephora. Interesting right?

I do suggest getting them directly from Shadow Shields though as you get 30 for $9.99 where as the Sephora Brand are 30 for $16. But hey I think it’s awesome that Sephora has ’em now since it’s easy enough to hop in store and snag some when I run low rather than waiting on shipping.

Anyone a Shadow Shield user?

How do you battle fall out woe?


  • 10/16/09 12:00 MC:

    I need to get some of these wondrous shields. They much more effective then holding a tissue under your eye with one hand and using the other hand to apply makeup.


    • 10/16/09 13:13 the Muse:

      totally hands free MC 😀


  • 10/16/09 12:48 Meghan:

    I use translucent powder densely packed on the area under my eye. Or I just do my eye make up before I do the rest of my face and then just wipe off the fallout.


    • 10/16/09 13:09 the Muse:

      ahhh awesome one meghan! I wish I can do so but I end up aging my eye 😛 my skin is so dry it makes me like like a wrinkled prune if I attempt it hehe!


  • 10/16/09 14:00 melissa:

    I might get thes on the fnf sale. I think it might shave a minute off my prep time and would be good for evening touch-up. My routine is like this.. moisturize face and eyes, primer face and eyes, eye makeup, cleanup fallout with wipe-y, and then on with the concealer and other face makeup.


    • 10/16/09 14:29 the Muse:

      absolutely melissa 😀 good for catching the pain in the butt fall out 😀 I normally do concealer, foundation prior to eye makeup so it’s a pain when I get fall out 😛


  • 10/16/09 15:59 robyn:

    i rarely get fallout only with pigments i just brush fallout away with a powder brush or something touch up under eye with concealor if i need to i wouldnt buy something to stop it id rather buy more make up lol


    • 10/20/09 16:39 the Muse:

      lucky girl robyn! I’m awful! I get it everywhere 😀


  • 10/17/09 19:01 Laura:

    I SO NEED THOSE…I have some Bare Escentuals/Minerals eyeshadws that I love the colors but HATE using because they just get everywhere!!!

    This would help out


    • 10/19/09 16:17 the Muse:

      Absolutely. All the fall out from BE minerals will be easily picked up with these Laura! 😀


  • 10/17/09 22:50 Laura:

    PS – do they pull of your concealer?


    • 10/19/09 16:16 the Muse:

      I use cream Laura and didn’t experience any probs hun!


  • 10/20/09 16:42 Laura:

    I just grabbed some with the Friends & Family haul…we’ll see how it goes


    • 10/20/09 16:46 the Muse:

      hey laura!

      Awesome, come back tell me what you think!?


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