Sephora Friends and Family 2009 Coupon Code

sephora friends and family 2009

It’s here isn’t it?

Sephora Friends and Family starts today! w00t! Excited? I am. I already placed my order early this morning before the items I want sell out.

Anyway, I’ll be back a little later with a post about what I think are must have plus I’ll be sharing my purchase list with you.

For now here’s the details for Sephora’s Friend and Family 2009.

It’s simple if you never took part that is (god I hope you have). Just enter promo code FF2009 to get 20% Off your entire purchase. Doesn’t matter if you buy 1 thing or 12 things you’ll get 20% Off each and every time.

This is ongoing from October 19th to November 2nd.

Happy Shopping and leave your purchase list in my comment box! Dying to know what you get.

What a great way to start off Monday right?

  • 10/19/09 10:31 Kat:

    Just made my purchase! I’ve had stuff in my basket waiting for this day! I got a few muse approved items – Lauren Luke Palette, Smashbox WISH palette and a bunch of other things for my makeup fix of the month (or week).


    • 10/19/09 10:42 the Muse:

      fantastic kat! Good hauling! Glad you’re going to get chance to try out Lauren Luke, really enjoyed the palette I purchased from her site a few months ago in greens 😀


  • 10/19/09 10:50 jackieg02:

    I got a YSL lipstick in Nude Beige, Powderflage, UDPP, and a backup of CARGO foundation since I like it so much, Shiseido mascara base, and Murad Mattifier (another thing I can’t live without).

    I can’t wait to see your list! I may have to place another order!


    • 10/19/09 11:23 the Muse:

      super haul jackie! You’re gonna love powderflage. I need some backup UDPP myself 😀

      I’m plotting a 2nd now for stuff I wanna stock up on. So far got UDPP lip in my first order as a restock but need a few other bits 😀 I was good with my 1st order but I feel like being bad with my 2nd 😀

      Also have to do one for friends gifts and such! ouchie sephora has my $$ this month!


  • 10/19/09 23:52 Ali:

    Hello Muse,
    Is this offer only good online? I’m from Canada and free shipping is only after I spend $120. Thanks,


    • 10/20/09 9:12 the Muse:

      hi ali. US side only hun. Sadly not Canada :(


  • 10/21/09 13:30 Julia:

    I bought the Clarisonic brush that everyone keeps talking about! I’m so excited that I saved so much on it.


    • 10/21/09 13:34 the Muse:

      fantastic julia 😀 enjoy!!!!!!!!!!


  • 10/22/09 10:03 DonnaN:

    So, does anyone have the link to the coupon? The local store said that I would just have to “print” it out and bring it in to get the same discount in the store. Great for those items that are “temporarily out of stock” that the store does have………

    If anyone can help me with this “coupon”, I’d be MOST appreciative……



    • 10/22/09 10:25 the Muse:

      Donna not sure what your local store is telling you but there isn’t a coupon that’s available to print out. This is an online exclusive event hun which means you have to order online.

      Last year they did have a coupon for 10% not 20% off but it was only for a few days and they haven’t done that as of yet this year and unsure if they will. For now it’s exclusively online.

      Hope this helps!


      • 10/22/09 11:49 DonnaN:

        Did Sephore email the code out? Maybe that’s what their telling me to print out? Or, maybe, they’re on the crazy train?


        • 10/22/09 11:55 the Muse:

          There isn’t any email Donna. It just happens once a year and the info gets “leaked” by bloggers and forums and such. No e-mail, it’s an exclusive online event. Has been for years.

          Hope this helps.


  • 10/22/09 21:27 Tina:

    I just asked at the Sephora at Union Sq in NYC, they also mentioned that if I’m a Sephora insider, I should’ve rec’d an email with the F&F store coupon, which I could print out & bring to the store, didn’t think to ask to see what the coupon looks like. I just did a search of my emails & couldn’t find it. Did anyone receive such an email? I would think if there is such a coupon, someone would’ve posted it online already


    • 10/23/09 9:42 the Muse:

      Tina, it’s always been an online offer and last year they had a 10% off coupon but not this year as of yet. No one got a coupon via email. Hope this helps.


  • 10/23/09 17:31 Del:

    oh Muse…sighh….I shoulda waited for this! Just got the UD book of shadows vol. 2 maybe two weeks ago…def coulda waited for a good 20% off…oh well…now I’ll have to shell out more money to buy things I don’t “need…” may have to sneak it past the hubby though as he wasn’t amused with my new “toy.” not sneak, but purchase, then tell after….hee hee…besides, I’ll have to remind him that I used my birthday money for my UD palette…& maybe I can use the rest for more makeup!!! YAY!


    • 10/26/09 16:31 the Muse:

      awww del I hear ya hun! :-) LOL awww gotta get the hub to tolerate the makeup habit more 😀 w00t!


  • 10/23/09 22:33 Tina:

    I’m thinking there may be a special coupon that you’d need an original of, that’s for store use, i.e. Sephora employees get a limited number of these coupons which they can then give to their friends & family. Another site (beautysnob) hints as such: “The Code is FF2009 and its good only online, unless you were fortunate enough to have a friend from Sephora who gave you a coupon to use in store.” The rest of us not-so-well-connected folks will just have to use the coupon code for online purchases, not that it’s a bad thing at all, 20% off is great!


    • 10/26/09 16:31 the Muse:

      no idea Tina. I’ve never seen a coupon but I imagine it could be the case for employees only. I agree I don’t mind online as it’s free shipping anyway!


  • 10/24/09 0:22 Nicole:

    How many times can I use the Sephora FF code online?
    Can I make mulitple purchases and received 20% off each time?


    • 10/26/09 9:32 the Muse:

      as many times as you want nicole. go wild. I’ve used in three times already 😀


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