Want It: Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette

Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette

Oh Bobbi how you continue to slay me! The new Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette is everything a Muse could hope for. Have you seen it? Please might I have one of these delicious palettes for my very own Santa baby?

The Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette is $75 and features icy, shimmering shades of shadows and lip color to create the perfect holiday look. This fold out palette contains 10 eye shadow shades, four lip shades, a mini eyeshadow brush, and a mini lip brush. Oh I can feel the love all around, the Muse may sing to the heavens about how beautiful this one is!

Eyeshadow Shades Include:

  • White
  • Polar Ice Shimmer Wash
  • Storm Cloud Sparkle
  • Iron
  • Thunder Metallic
  • Moonlight Sparkle
  • Cyber Grey Shimmer Wash
  • Foil Metallic
  • Chrome Metallic
  • Charcoal Haze

Lip Shades Included:

  • Pink Mist Shimmer Lip Gloss
  • Winter Bronze Glitter Lip Gloss
  • Berry Glitter Lip Gloss
  • Chrome Pink Shimmer Lip Gloss

I shall make you mine Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette. You belong in the Muse’s loving arms.

Wants it!

  • 10/13/09 11:18 Kat:

    OMG Muse! I saw this in Bloomies in SoHo yesterday! The BF made me choose between that and buying a stash at Lush :( I chose Lush (I just will buy this online!)
    Hope you had a super swell time in Cali!


    • 10/13/09 11:30 the Muse:

      Ahh! Kat awesome…tell me…did you swatch!? Was it gorg? Share the deets 😀 I haven’t seen it on counter yet but I’ve been away a few days so it could be out now 😀 hehe can’t blame you on the Lush hun, love me some Lush 😀

      It was fab, thanks so much :)



  • 10/13/09 13:19 Kat:

    I did do a little rub a dub rub on my hand. You will LOVE it. Amazing sparkle – perfect for fall/winter. I didn’t test the lips part – a bubble bar was calling me from down the street! :)


    • 10/13/09 14:05 the Muse:

      LOL Kat those damn bubble bars 😀 Sounds incredible must must must has it!


  • 10/13/09 13:26 BeautyBitch:

    I haven’t seen this yet, but I did see the Earth Metal lip & eye palette in on counter today and whilst it looked gorgeous, I was a bit disappointed to see how small it was! I’d fly through those eyeshadows in no time if I used them regularly. I’ll wait and see if the chrome one is a big bigger as I love the palette design and shades.
    (Actually, I’ve amassed such a lot of eyeshadow that I’ve never hit pan on anything, but I still don’t like weeny palettes!)


    • 10/15/09 16:21 the Muse:

      hey bora I got it to test out and adore it 😀 it is small but I figure meh I can go with small as I have so much to get through! LOVEEEEEEEEE the chrome must has it! I think that will be actually even smaller than the EM one! I try not to mind since I have so bloody much to get through 😀 what’s the price looking like in Korea?!


  • 10/13/09 14:00 Vonvon:

    Wow!! This one surely makes me lem for it more than the Earth Metal palette….but now, I want both…..my pocket….ouch…..


    • 10/13/09 14:04 the Muse:

      tell me about it vonvon! omg I wants it bad 😀


  • 10/13/09 22:25 Janice:

    oh dear… this is more tempting than the Earth Metal Palette… drooooool…


    • 10/14/09 9:08 the Muse:

      haha janice tell me about it!


  • 10/16/09 8:36 Angie:

    Do you know if this palette will be available on the BB website? I’ve only seen it online at Nordies…

    I agree with the others – HAVE to have this and Earth Metals. Bobbi really outdid herself this year with the holiday collection!


    • 10/16/09 9:08 the Muse:

      hi angie I only seen it at nordies as well. I’ll see what I can find out. I’m thinking yes it will release from the BB site but let me verify and post back with you! I’m reviewing EM for you guys shortly it’s a must have imho…quite gorg! 😀


  • 10/21/09 14:10 kate:

    Just bought it at Bloomies in Soho–I have a lot of warm colors and purples since I’m ash blond with green eyes, but this is great for day into night–and it’s nice to have a palate with such wearable lips (and all glosses)–a keeper.


    • 10/21/09 14:29 the Muse:

      awesome Kate! total keeper for me too…really like the warmer shades…they do something wonderful for my eyes!


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