Want it: Sephora Magic Eye Shadow Palette

Sephora Magic Palette

You know the Muse can get giddy on occasion for a Sephora palette, indeed it’s been known to happen.

In honor of those good times that Sephora did get me psyched over a palette or two I present to you the new, limited edition Sephora Magic Palette in two flavors for your holiday eye looks.

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I’m loving that Sephora has been releasing these cute, quaint little palettes every season. First we had the Sephora Moroccan Sunrise Palette, later on it was the Sephora Calypso Soul Eyeshadow Palette, and now these new Sephora Magic Palettes.

I can attest to the fact that they are quite good quality as my experience with the Moroccan Sunrise Palette was a rather fab one. But of course now I want these new palettes….as if I need another palette right? But…but….Sephora Friends and Family is around the corner and I need to buy at least one or…both?

Each palette is $26 and includes 5 shadows in warmer or cooler tones. Speaking from experience the palettes look pretty enough but are actually a little cheesy and cheap (not heavy as I originally though) but aside from this the shadows inside are quite good. The Gold version includes warmer shades of golds, coppers, and bronzes and the Silver contains purples, pinks, and silvers.

Sephora Magic Palette 2 2

Sephora Magic Palette 2 1

Overall, they look quite nice and are on my wishy list!

What do you think?

Worthy of a haul?

Have you tried any of the other palettes Sephora released?


Tell it!

  • 10/13/09 13:21 BeautyBitch:

    They do look gorgeous, and I completely have palette addiction so I understand your lemmings. I keep buying those darned Banila Co. ones, despite the less than great colours inside. I’m holding out for the MAC holiday palettes for my big splurge on palettes so I’m glad Sephora’s not available in Korea!


    • 10/14/09 16:39 the Muse:

      LO me too Bora, Me too! THANK GOD banila has suckered me in yet. I’m kinda leaning towards mac but also feeling like I’m not missing a whole lot if I skip. You have LOTS of other brands to get you hyped though Bora 😀


  • 10/13/09 14:09 Vonvon:

    Ohh….may I suggest that the colors from the warmer toned palettes are quite similar to some Estee Lauder palette (which was part of a gift set last year), but as a sucker for palettes….and always will be……I’d gladly have 5 palettes in similar shades for all I care! Haha!!


    • 10/14/09 16:38 the Muse:

      hmmm I’m trying to remember if I tried last year’s EL palette VonVon! Honestly the warmer one seems very similar to what I already have from the Morocan palette but I’m so diseased I feel like I need it!


  • 10/13/09 21:25 Dina:

    FF contender??? 😉 possibly. should be less $ though?


    • 10/14/09 9:10 the Muse:

      absolutely dina!


  • 10/14/09 0:18 Miss PK:

    Since Sephora Friends and Family is around the corner, could you pretty please do a top ten or top however many you want list of products for suggestion to check out at Sephora? Thank you!


    • 10/14/09 9:07 the Muse:

      yes Miss PK I have one lined up. I do one every year 😀 def will bring it to you shortly.


      • 10/14/09 14:25 Miss PK:

        Thank you!! I adore your website and insight. Thanks for saving me from some headaches on products!


        • 10/14/09 14:29 the Muse:

          AWWWWWW Thanks Miss PK *HUGS* You’re lovely 😀


  • 10/14/09 0:20 jackieg02:

    Oh, those are pretty. The silver palette seems right up my alley. I must resist though! I do not need…but want.


    • 10/14/09 16:32 the Muse:

      ha tell me about it jackie! WANT but do NOT need!


  • 10/14/09 14:16 pinkykathy:

    These 2 palettes look so pretty. I love the package and those e/s color very much. But $26 is too much. It should be less.


    • 10/14/09 14:19 the Muse:

      hey kathy!

      Yea you’re right as it’s only 5 shades of shadow 😀 plus it is Sephora Brand. I was thinking hauling during FF would be best as at least I’d save a buck or two!


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