Bath and Body Works Holiday 2009: Bath and Body Works Temptations 2009

‘ello, ello!

How’s everyone this bright, brisk Fall day?   Hope everyone had a super weekend and more important, a Happy Halloween!

After many a rumor and much speculation Bath and Body Works Temptations line is back at Bath and Body Works for the Holidays.  Joy!  I’m always quite the fan of the Temptations line considering it’s a darn cheap ($10) way to get my love of shower gel on.

Bath and Body Works 2009 221

If you haven’t tried the line before it’s basically a dupe up of Philosophy 3 in 1 Shower Gels which you can use in your shower, bath, or as a shampoo.  Bath and Body Works was on a kick for a while there and releasing Temptations nearly ever season but they suddenly stopped.  It’s a nice little surprise that this Holiday they have four scents, one of which is an old favorite, Twisted Peppermint.

Jump ahead for it!

Officially these are releasing at Bath and Body Works on November 23rd but shops have a special preview available for purchase. I think they’ll do more of a launch as the date nears and you’ll see other items pop up as well scented similarly such as body lotions and what not, of course this is pure speculation on my part.

In regards to the scents there are three brand new and one old. The scents are I Love Licorice, Twisted Peppermint, Spiced Gingersnap, and Nutcracker Sweet. Twisted Peppermint is an old favorite of mine and I have many a bottle stashed away already from semi-annuals past but I’ll grab one or two more bottles this year to keep my stash current. This is a fav as it’s a cool burst of sweet peppermint blasted with vanilla. The vanilla tames the scent slightly so you aren’t left with pure candy cane peppermint but more of a cocktail of sweet versus creamy.

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Bath and Body Works 2009 3

Bath and Body Works 2009 2

Bath and Body Works 2009 1 Out of the four scents those that stood out for me were Twisted Peppermint and I Love Licorice where as the others weren’t fantastic. I Love Licorice was sweet and slightly fruity, honestly nothing like licorice but nice none the less. Spiced Gingernsap was a gingerbread like smell but not too strong and Nutcracker Sweet was a nutty blend that was kinda off smelling.

I can see myself hauling all four but I’m just waiting as I know they’ll knock them in price sooner or later so no sense paying a full 10 bucks right now. Spiced Gingersnap and Nutcracker Sweet will be added to my list but aren’t anything special in my humblest.

Overall, I will admit to slight disappointment all around. Twisted Peppermint is a big welcome back but they could have done so much better on the other three scents. Either way all four will stay be in my cart when a good sale hits.

Anyone have a sniff yet?

Wanting to haul?

Share your Temptation wishes!

  • 11/2/09 13:39 dina:

    LOVE these!! hoping to give them all a sniff :) so glad they brought temptations back & great price!


    • 11/2/09 15:29 the Muse:

      hey dina! me too! 😀 I hope they keep up with it and do some new ones each season!


  • 11/2/09 15:12 Hana:

    I’m so sad that the licorice one wasn’t black licorice scented. :( Oh well, at least this might mean that they’re going to do the Temptations stuff more often again. Thanks for the news!


    • 11/2/09 15:27 the Muse:

      Hi Hana

      Philosophy had a black licorice one last year…they may still have it? Also check QVC for it. It was in a kit with two other gels 😀

      I hope they do a few more for Spring/Summer!

      My pleasure!


  • 11/2/09 15:35 Kristin:

    I wonder if I Love Licorice is similar to Glittery Gumdrop from years past. Can you compare?


    • 11/2/09 15:44 the Muse:

      hi kristin. Nope, if anything it kinda sorta reminded me of Sassy Strawberry if anything. I’m trying to remember Gumdrop’s smell as I have one home…but from what I do remember it’s different than I love Licorice as this is sweeter. Hope this helps hun!


  • 11/2/09 20:27 jen:

    I cant wait to try these although Im dissappointed by the scent selection. I was so excited when I heard the temptations were coming back, I hope they continue to put them out year round, the drink scented ones are my favoritttttttttte


    • 11/3/09 14:34 the Muse:

      oh yes jen I love the drink inspired ones 😀 I still have some strawberry daiquiri


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