Hardy Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer Review and Swatches

The Muse admits to doing some major hauling from Hard Candy.  Setting foot inside Wally world is a feat in itself people as I can’t stand the store but bringing in Hard Candy I’ve discovered a new found love for Walmart.

Hardy Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer 2

After hitting up Hard Candy hard the Muse has decided her favorite pick of all is the Hardy Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer.

Hello cheap, hello awesome, hello flawless….


The Muse did so get a little carried away when it came to cheap Hard Candy and she spent near $100 bucks which could make her an expert now on the topic. Hey, I loved Hard Candy years back and it was just too tempting to have it readily available with prices like six bucks…come on who wouldn’t want to haul with prices like that staring at ya!

So far the best of the best is the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer, likey this stuff. It’s $8 bucks, loves it. The price is incredibly great in my humblest but I also love the formula, the texture, the way it wears on my face, and just how well it works.

I admit I’m so cheap that I can’t stand dishing out for Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. So this is my mentality right……if you give me a full foundation and tell me it’s $42 bucks I’m so on board with that. But tell me that a tinted moisturizer is $42 I feel like I’m being ripped off. Tinted moisturizer is like half a product, you’d think it would be cheaper than full on foundation right? So this is why I don’t buy it all that much, great product, just rather dish out near $50 bucks for full foundation and not just a TM.

Hardy Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer 1 1


$8 bucks I don’t mind. This is creamy, dreamy, and nicely moisturizing. It offers a hydration to my skin and absorbs easily all while evening out my skin tone and creating a nice flawless finish for makeup. Although the product is fairly pigmented it still offers quite a sheer finish so if you have alot of problem areas you may want to stick to regular foundation. For quickie trips out or days you aren’t up for a full face of makeup this is perfect.

Hardy Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer 3

All in all if it’s cheap tinted moisturizer you seek this one comes with a Muse Approval. Perfection for lighter makeup wearing plus it gives me something to look forward to this Summer when I’m not wanting a full face of makeup on.

Anyone try any Hard Candy yet?

What are your favs?

Tell the Muse!

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

  • 11/3/09 14:28 christy:

    I am loving the Hard Candy cosmetics at wal-mart. I have never even heard of the brand. I pick up a blush called honeymoon. It is so pretty. Gives my cheeks a nice glow. I can’t wait to try more from the brand.


    • 11/3/09 14:31 the Muse:

      hey christy 😀

      It used to be sold at Sephora believe it or not ha :) I didn’t get honeymoon but I did get living doll and it’s extremely pretty!


  • 11/3/09 14:33 vanessa martinez:

    nice! i have mucho problems and spots on my face lol but maybe itll clear up one day and i can get this lol


    • 11/3/09 14:38 the Muse:

      hey vanessa!

      do you ever go out without foundation? If so you might wanna try 😀 It’s good for sheer coverage days even with problem areas so long as you’re cool going a bit naked on your coverage :)


  • 11/3/09 14:48 Fresco Phyrra:

    I tried a few things. The baked eye shadow duos had crappy pigmentation in my opinion. The blush in Honeymoon was awesome. The curl up and die mascara actually curled my lashes and you could see a tint of purple with it, as I picked up venus.


    • 11/3/09 16:30 the Muse:

      hey dd haven’t used my duo yet but I am on the verge of agreeing with you! I liked the glamour mascara (can’t recall name at the moment) quite good 😀


      • 11/3/09 16:32 Fresco Phyrra:

        Color me impressed with the mascara for curling, because I didn’t expect it to work 😛
        Yeah the duo, at least for me, I had to press my finger down behind my brush to get any product onto the brush. I hate foiling, so I didn’t want to get it wet to put on (read: lazy).

        Did you try the blush? I think you’ll like :)
        I’ll have to check out the other mascara you tried.


        • 11/3/09 16:35 the Muse:

          hey dd! for the price I was impressed too…it wasn’t the best mascara in my life but decent :) yup same here….I used a sponge applicator that seemed to work well. This is also a prob with the brush the texture is kinda really dense and color won’t pick up with a puffy brush only a kabuki!

          the other mascara..forget the bloody name…was quite good. I got the brown and black 😀


          • 11/3/09 16:36 Fresco Phyrra:

            Yeah I noticed that!
            When I tried to use my ‘regular’ blush brush (a MAC) it didn’t work so well, so I switched to a mini kabuki and that worked just fine.

            As always, I love your reviews :)

          • 11/3/09 16:39 the Muse:

            ha cool, same same here. Really didn’t work AT ALL with bushy brushes but a kabuki was the trick 😀

            Awww thanks DD you’re prob my biggest fan lovie! *hugs* PS how was halloween!?

  • 11/3/09 14:58 Mishy:

    Hey Miss Muse,

    Which shade did you choose? I am a NC25 just like you, but I am Asian and have slight yellow undertone.


    • 11/3/09 15:27 the Muse:

      hey mishy I got the light as fair was way toooo fair…you might go with the light or the medium…the medium might be best for your yellow undertone :-)

      hope this helps!


  • 11/3/09 15:07 rebecca:

    love their tinted moisturizer! i am dying to try their face primer. I did pick up a bronzer in tropics and it is lovely! like MSFs but less shimmery!


    • 11/3/09 16:29 the Muse:

      hey rebecca

      awesome another lover 😀 I got one bronzer too but haven’t tried yet, can’t wait!


  • 11/3/09 16:32 Lisa Kate:

    Hard Candy was my first “high end” love. (Did it even count as high end? I believe it did!) I still haven’t gotten my lazy, broke butt to Walmart yet, but I have a little wishlist made!

    Did you get any of the blushes? I’m dying to see them. I’ve heard mixed reviews…some aren’t pigmented or hard to pick up on the brush. I can’t wait to hear your take!!


    • 11/3/09 16:34 the Muse:

      oh def it did Lisa 😀 you’ll be happy when you do, the round up is so nice.

      I did get a blush. Living Doll, quite nice but a little big of a PITA to work with. Problem is, it’s not terribly pigmented and the formula is kinda hard and not silky so it’s hard to use…however the key is a kabuki 😀 Kabuki brush allows you to buff color on well!

      I’ll be doing full review shortly.


  • 11/3/09 17:14 Mandy:

    Would this be good for oily/combination skin?
    Did you go to a Walmart outside the state?


    • 11/3/09 17:49 the Muse:

      outside the state? No, we have about three or four Walmarts around my area of NY Mandy :)

      Mmmmmm for combo skin yes but for oily it maybe a little bit too much, worth a try though as it’s not incredibly rich and moisturizing so it may prove ok for oily skin if set with powder. Hope this helps!


  • 11/3/09 20:19 blue:

    Have you tried Cover Girl’s tinted moisturizer and do you think its better/worse than Hard Candy? I picked up a tube of CG in NY and actually find it better than Laura Mercier’s because CG’s doesn’t oxidize, but LM’s does. I do wish CG had more pigmentation though. Hopefully they’ll bring Hard Candy to Canadian Wal-Marts too so I can try it.


    • 11/4/09 16:29 the Muse:

      nope didn’t even know CG had a TM!? wonder if that’s exclusive to Canada blue! I hope they do as the line is HUGE, it’s kinda fun line to explore!


  • 11/3/09 20:34 Ashleigh:

    The Muse is encouraging me to buy more HC this weekend! I live in Florida and hate full coverage/liquid foundation, so I think I’m going to try this and see if I like it.


    • 11/4/09 15:44 the Muse:

      hey ashleigh! LOL ;-D I’m tearing that $ right out of your wallet 😀 I think you’ll enjoy it, quite good especially in humid florida weather 😀


  • 11/3/09 20:43 jen:

    Ive been LOVING this tm….. id say im combo-ish and it wears great


    • 11/4/09 15:43 the Muse:

      jen me too! awesome it wears well on combo skin 😀


  • 11/3/09 22:12 Comrade_Garlic:

    I liked the “volumizing” mascara, even though it added no volume and left my lashes feeling a bit stiff. I got it in Stash, the gold color. It didn’t flake or smudge at all. But the best part is the color shows up on my lashes! I’ve never had a colored mascara do that before. It even held a curl. Not bad for $8. The nail polish wasn’t great and the dual sided eye shadow pen thingy really sucked-hardly any pigment and doesn’t blend.


    • 11/11/09 16:40 the Muse:

      hi comrade! So far I’m liking the mascara 😀 I got stash too 😀 quite nice and for the price not bad at all! 😀 I hated the dual ended pen too, quite bad 😛 Didn’t like it. was too hard to get color flowing etc!


  • 11/4/09 10:57 The Mighty J:

    I am sooo hyped about this – everyone is talking about it. I am REALLY hoping Walmart carries it in Canada.


    • 11/4/09 11:26 the Muse:

      hey j! hope you guys get it soon!


  • 11/13/09 16:25 Kristen L.:

    After I read this review, I had to try it. I love my Smashbox tinted moisturizer but I cannot stand paying $30 for it. So I picked up the lightest Hard Candy one at Walmart and tried it last night- it does have a similar texture and is easy to apply, so it is a great cheaper option. My one complaint- the smell. I am VERY sensitive to smells and I immediately noticed that it smells like most sunscreens. But considering that I’ll save $22, I think I’m sold! =D


    • 11/20/09 15:11 the Muse:

      mmmm kristen I don’t think I noticed the smell? Have to recheck you might be right 😀 I liked it good cheap alternative to splurging on a more $$ TM!


  • 11/19/09 23:22 Todd:

    I have to agree with ya here… this stuff kind of rocks. I picked it up for an extremely reasonable price point, and I’m actually more satisfied with this purchase because I honestly can’t get any pigmentation or coverage out of Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer, but this? It wears like a dream, leaves me feeling hydrated, and gives me that polished skin look without people going, “LOOK! THAT BOY HAS MAKEUP ON!”

    I’m totally stoked because there are some seriously solid products in this line, and I can’t wait to try more.


    • 11/19/09 23:29 the Muse:

      todd me either. I like LM’s alot but my problem is it’s expensive as sin and yes I have to agree it really isn’t hells all kinda of pigmented, nope no way.

      This is a great one to even out skin tone, just brighten up dullness you have it, and yes very natural and fresh! 😀

      See some of my other reviews I’ve been busy getting it on with hard candy lately 😀

      thanks for the comment!


  • 11/22/09 16:20 Cindy:

    I just tried the tinted moisturizer in tan and I like it so far. Very similar to Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Enhancer but a bit cheaper.


    • 11/23/09 9:48 the Muse:

      Glad you’re liking it Cindy 😀


  • 2/4/10 17:06 danielle:

    i bought hc tm in light two days ago – i put it on at 730am and by 1130am by face was beet red – almost purple in color – guessing i had some sort of reaction to it – ive used so many different things on my face over the years and have never ever in my life had this problem – it looks i was laying in the sun for 10 hours without any sunblock ( and i haven’t even been outside) i washed off all the tm and 6 hrs later my face is still bright red and burning – i would suggest to anyone to just spot test first to make sure you are not going to have problems – i will be returning hc tm and getting my money back – not worth the $8 to look like a lobster – and like i said before, ive never ever ever ever had any type of reaction to anything i use on my face or body, regardless of the brand or type of product


  • 2/20/10 19:19 Kimberley:

    Lately I’ve noticed my foundation has been turning to powder when on my face. I’ve also noticed that since I’m a high school student at a new school, I get embarrassed a lot easier and I need a foundation or tinted moisturizer with more coverage, but doesn’t make me look like a cake-head. Does HC have good coverage? Does it show on your face in certain lighting? Does it stay well moisturized? My skin is usually dry, but after I exfoliate and moisturize it seems fine and hydrated. I don’t like the feel of cover-ups because they seem to show on my face. Helppp?


    • 2/25/10 21:50 the Muse:

      hi Kimberly. I have a similar problem with my foundation oxidizing fairly quickly! It’s ok coverage but not OMG amazing coverage so if you’re looking for something pigmented I’d def stick with foundation and not TM. show on my face in certain lighting? Not sure I understand…as in does it look like I have makeup on? No, it’s very natural. It doesn’t really stay moist but it absorbs fairly fest. This should be good if you want lighter coverage without looking “made up”


  • 7/31/10 19:25 Terri:

    Hey Muse! I was wondering if you liked this or the Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Tinted Moisturizer more? I’m looking for a tinted moisturizer and I want the one that has the most coverage. Which one do you recommend?


    • 8/2/10 10:20 the Muse:

      Hi terri if you’re wanting full coverage you might want to go with foundation instead hun.


      • 10/15/10 22:55 terri:

        hi muse! its me again! so i actually went with the hard candy one and im really please with it. it gave me enough coverage and really evened out my skin tone. too bad its beggining to separate into the color and the oil, or something like that. its really disgusting. so i was wondering what tinted moisturizer u recommended next? the physicians formula healthy wear one?


        • 10/18/10 16:13 the Muse:

          aw sorry to hear that terri :( that sucks. PH is a great one and cheap ;D LM happens to my ffav if you have the buck to spare!


  • 8/27/10 17:32 Sera:

    Hi :)

    just recently found your site & fell in love , haha !anyways , i was wondering if you prefer the hard candy tinted moisturizer more or the neutrogena healthy skin enhancer ?

    Thanks so much :)


    • 8/30/10 12:27 the Muse:

      hi sera thanks so much, great to meet you. Haven’t tried healthy skin enhancer so really can’t compare?! sorry!


  • 11/5/10 17:16 sarah m:

    i remember when they carried this brand at sephora! i bought the fortune telling lipgloss there


    • 11/8/10 12:46 the Muse:

      mm sarah I remember that too!


  • 12/20/10 12:43 Gidget:

    I just bought this. I normally get the Smashbox Sheer Focus tinted moisturizer, and guess what? Sheer Evny actually has better coverage and a more matte finish! I am loving their blush in Honeymoon, too. Moon Glow powder is not great, neither are their split personality cream eyeshadows. Their Painted Lady glosses are incredibly pigmented. Lash Call Mascara is great, love the little brush and makes my lashes DARK! Fiberized lash weave mascara is really, really good, but the fibers do fall off during the day, and they get really itchy after a while. Good for a night out, that’s it.


  • 2/15/11 17:22 Frankie.N:

    I tried this, and it was too dark. >:( And, it was very clumpy as if it were not mixed! And quite oily, good price, but from what I got it was not a good product.


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