Urban Decay Friends and Family 30% Off Coupon Code

As if you weren’t broke enough already after Sephora, Beauty.com, and the million other Friends and Family events that went on this month…..now I have the dirty, nasty chore of telling you about Urban Decay’s Friend and Family Event. Please don’t hate me k? I’m honestly looking out for your best interest here even if it means spending more money hehe.

urban decay 101 Enjoy 30% Off your Urban Decay order from today until November 20th using promo code FNFW1

Happy Hauling!

Come back and share your orders with the Muse? She’s pretty stocked up on UD but she might be tempted into purchasing some primer and other essentials.

Check back into the archives to see what’s the good word on Urban Decay.

  • 11/9/09 13:42 NuNu:

    Hello Book of Shadows Vol. 2. Come to Nunu!


    • 11/9/09 14:10 the Muse:

      lol nunu!

      have fun!


  • 11/9/09 17:13 Fresco Phyrra:

    I so want to haul, but can’t!


    • 11/10/09 9:15 the Muse:

      aww dd! no worries they’ll be another in Spring dear. How goes everything with your baby?


  • 11/10/09 0:22 nicereminders:

    Yay! Now I can finally get the 24/7 Super Stash without feeling too guilty. Thanks Muse! :)


    • 11/10/09 9:11 the Muse:

      my pleasure nicreminders 😀

      Enjoy hun!


  • 11/19/09 1:12 lel:

    arghh!!! no more book 2!!!


    • 11/19/09 7:31 the Muse:

      yak lel!!!!!!! not good :(

      if you’re desperate UD and ulta still has it!


      • 11/19/09 8:08 lel:

        what’s UD?

        actually, im after the 30% discount haha


        • 11/19/09 8:33 the Muse:

          UD=Urban Decay lel :)


  • 11/19/09 8:57 lel:

    it was urbandecay.com that has no more book 2 =(


    • 11/19/09 9:14 the Muse:

      yes lel :( sold out damn!


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