Viva La Diva Holiday 2009: Viva La Diva Smoky Eyes

Viva la Diva Smoky Eye resize
A favorable makeup line from our friends in Sweden, Viva La Diva, remains a favorite of this Muse.  Difficult to come across in the US and highly sought after by yours truly, Viva La Diva has a range of beautiful items to get hyper over.

Today I’m hyper over the Viva La Diva Holiday Collection 2009.

Jump for it.

You gotta remember Viva La Diva is a drugstore brand so the collection is tiny from what I do know about it. Fact is they have three baked eye shadow palettes which are absolutely stunning and quite remind me of the new Bourjois Paris Smoked Eye Palettes. From experience with the brand I’m getting the shadows are all pigmented and beautiful to work with.

Viva la Diva Smoky Eye 2

I’m laying my hands on the brown for sure. Pretties right?

If you’re lemming Viva la Diva I suggest checking around makeup forums to see if any kind Swedish member might CP you some. It’s a great beauty abroad choice.

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  • 11/4/09 21:20 Emily:

    Ooooh those look gorgeous! I’ve been eyeing the Bourjois palettes lately, but here in Japan they are SO expensive. Can you only get Viva La Diva in Sweden?


    • 11/5/09 16:26 the Muse:

      hi emily sadly only in Sweden sniff. Let’s plan a road trip to Sweden soon k? 😀

      I’ll have a review of the palettes shortly I got them in the UK, price wasn’t too, too bad :)


      • 11/14/09 18:44 mina:

        price is not bad but qauality is very bad…… dont watse ur money….


        • 11/16/09 12:23 the Muse:

          thanks mina for the heads up!


  • 2/11/11 16:32 NorwayChick:

    Viva La Diva can be bought in several European countries 😉
    And it’s really not bad quality, all you need is a good primer, cuz it can “slide off” after a while :) But great pigmentation :)

    And becuase Cosmetics are EXTREMELY expensive in Scandinavia, is Viva la Diva like suuuper cheap 😉


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