Steal This: Korres Semi-Annual Sale

Who’s hauling crazy amounts of Korres?  The Muse knows you are out there, who hit up the Korres Semi-Annual Sale, go on admit it.

Korres is having it’s semi-annual sale right now and if the Muse hasn’t made you broke enough maybe you wanna wander on over for a lookiee.

Jump to hear the action packed deets!

We are looking at 65% off most products at the moment and my cart does so overflow with the goodies. Plus don’t forget free shipping on $50 orders or more.

Here’s some of the best deals I seen!

Korres Little Travel Value Set

Korres Quince Body Butter To Go

Korres Eyeshadow

Korres Vanilla Plum Set

Korres Summer Fruits Gift Set

Korres Delight Your Lips Gift Set

Korres Wheat Herbal Face Soap

Korres Plum Gift Set

You can check the rest of the sale at

Happy Haulin’!

Tell me whatcha pick up!

Just for the record, I’m hitting up those eye shadows hard.

  • 1/22/10 6:14 Vonvon:

    OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!! Me wants…..their sale is really incredible!!!!


    • 1/22/10 8:38 the Muse:

      ha vonvon! 😀 I’m busy putting shadows in my cart! WANT! :)


  • 1/22/10 7:58 suz:

    you made me visit their website yesterday!! TSK TSK! made me want more things *now I have a longer wish list, it’s going to take forever to get through and get everything!*

    I definitely want the rose body butter….*love me some flowers*

    the lipstick gift set seems nice…hope there is no brown color…


  • 1/22/10 14:32 Mollie:

    OMG I am so STOKED! :)


    • 1/22/10 15:26 the Muse:

      ha mollie 😀 happy haulin’!


  • 1/24/10 14:26 Imoutofit:

    Omg, this is not helping my “I’m trying to save money” situation, but omg omg omg semi-annual sale and Korres in the same sentence is hard to avoid!


    • 1/25/10 21:39 the Muse:

      LOL imoutofit tell me ’bout it!


  • 1/27/10 22:20 Del:

    *eyes wide open*…OOOHHHHH!!!! I’m gonna have to call my sissy & see if she wants to go in on a $50+ order so we can get free shipping…oh heck…she’ll prolly spend that all by herself! hee hee


    • 1/28/10 10:11 the Muse:

      lol del happy haulin’! doll!


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