Affordable Shimmer: Avon Glimmersticks Diamonds Eyeliner Review and Swatches

Hey shimmer fans!

It’s ok you don’t have to admit you love shimmer as much as I do. I love it enough for ALL of us.

In celebration of my shimmery addiction I’m all about the new Avon Glimmersticks Diamonds Eyeliner!

Oh affordable shimmer! Likey!


These retail for $6 bucks each but from time to time they pop up in your Avon catalog for $2.79. w00t nice deal right?

These are a retake on the standard Avon Glimmerstick formula and are infused with hints of beautiful sparkly silver. Packaging is along the same vein as MAC Techakohl with a click application to raise the pencil. You can’t sharpen these which I find deeply annoying, I love me some Techakohl but same problem!

Aside from that minor rant must say they are just as nice as a Techakohl at half the price. Formula starts out a little slow going but once warmed up it’s a nice creamy glide across your lash line minus skipping or tugging. The sparkle isn’t heavy duty but seen in the right light you can capture a little hint of it. I got two shades to try which were Black Ice, obviously true black with silver, and Emerald Glow, a deep forest green with silver. You can see the sparkle in the black better than the green in my opinion.

Overall, if you’re shopping around for a cheaper liner with a hint of sparkle I’d say these are your guys!

Pretty much a likey, not bad.

Anyone a Avon Glimmersticks fan?

How do you like them?

Share your review!

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  • 2/24/10 17:02 Lisa:

    I have two of these, and am really impressed with them. I got the grey one and the navy one, although I’ve only worn the navy on so far, it lasted all day and had no complaints from me whatsoever. Awesome price too 😉


    • 2/25/10 15:49 the Muse:

      lisa for the price they aren’t half bad right? 😀 I agree price really helps!


  • 2/24/10 17:22 Phyrra:

    I’m slowly turning into an Avon and Mark fan, due to the products I’ve tried. I’d have never given them a chance if I hadn’t seen you reviewing them :)


    • 2/25/10 15:02 the Muse:

      dd I was never an avon fan but I slowly started re-exploring it and I must say the products have gotten WAY better the last year or two! aw shucks flattered!


      • 2/25/10 15:03 Phyrra:

        You specifically got me to give the lippies a chance :)


        • 2/25/10 15:44 the Muse:

          dd best part of avon the awesome lippies :-D!


  • 2/24/10 20:06 sTEPHANIE:

    Not a fan of the glimmersticks because they don’t go on smoothly. I did order some of their new gel liners. I’m looking forward to trying those! They are supposed to go on easier.


    • 2/24/10 20:39 the Muse:

      hey stephnie same prob here but with a little warmer up they are good to go 😀


  • 2/24/10 20:54 jonnie:

    Wow, I can’t believe they still make Glimmersticks! I think that was one of my first eyeliners ever way back in the day. At the time I didn’t have any idea how to wear it so I’m not sure I ever did… 😛


    • 2/25/10 14:50 the Muse:

      lol jonnie! Retro beauty eh? :)


  • 2/25/10 2:16 SilhouetteScreams:

    Im bummed that the shimmer doesnt show up better, and the green looks exactly the same as the back when swatched :( it looked like it would be such a pretty green


    • 2/25/10 9:23 the Muse:

      hey Silhouette don’t be too turned off hun my swatches aren’t spot on 😀 the green one is actually quite a nice forest green 😀


  • 2/25/10 10:36 Carielle:

    Not a fan of Avon at all,
    My mom, daughter & I have all had weird skin irruptions & problems the year we used Avon’s soaps, shower gels, eyeliners & perfumes.
    One of the best thing in my life happened then. After research, I redirected my habit to higher end cosmetics to avoid such things……and discovered Clarins & Dior.
    I was already into Lancome but still…
    …funny as I’m writing this, the Avon lady walked into the office.
    I always buy the Breast Cancer stuff….♥


    • 2/25/10 10:55 the Muse:

      hey carielle aw sorry to hear it. I haven’t used the soaps or shower gels myself but I never had a bad reaction to the liners or perfumes. I’m so sorry to hear it. I love Dior and Clarins too 😀 great stuff!!!!!!

      ha! she heard you talkin’ bout her shhh!


  • 2/25/10 12:06 Kristina:

    I’ve never tried these liners but I love their crayon eyeshadow/liners.


    • 2/25/10 12:47 the Muse:

      Kristina reversed situation I never tried the crayon eyeshadows 😀


  • 3/18/10 19:41 natassa:

    what do u mean that it needs “warmer up”? how do u do this? have any of u tried the Jillian Dempsey professional eyeliner or the super’shoch eyeliner? which of these three (including diamonds) would u recommend?


  • 3/2/12 2:03 Liza:

    Hi Muse,

    I was thinking of ordering the glimmersticks diamonds in emerald glow…would you say there is some teal in it or not?. Does it sparkle?. Does it come off as a dark green, almost black or light? I already have it in sugar plum which I like alot. Thanks!


  • 2/1/13 3:43 amyleigh:

    I bought about five shades of the glimmersticks a year,ago a d was TOTALLY disappointed! Although I am however an Avon fan, and buy a lot of their eyeshadows. I am debating on their 4 for $10 eyeliners now, I have dark blue eyes, a d was wondering if the diamonds eye liner shows any more shimmer than glimmersticks, or even of the chromed may look better? Or what colors people recommend for my eye color….helpful hints ladies? I am ALL EARS FOR NEW MAKE-UP ADVICE! THANKS LADIES!!!!


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