As Seen By the Muse: Sneak Peek of Urban Decay Summer Collection 2010

As Seen by the Muse a sneaky peek of the Urban Decay Summer Collection 2010 uploaded to a certain beauty editor’s Twitter account recently, lucky girl!

Looks like Urban Decay joins the realms of keeping your makeup waterproof all through the Summer as correct me if I’m wrong but those look like some facial mists and maybe some of the new Urban Decay De-Slick In a Tube Mattifying Gel.

Whatcha think!?

Urban Decay always spoils us rotten don’t they?

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  • 3/26/10 16:29 Robyn:

    im curious about the bottle that says all nighter
    if its something to revive tired skin and eyes im there because 24hours is curently really not enough hours in the day for sleep


  • 3/26/10 19:15 Kiera:

    EVIL UD! I can’t read the names on the tags! XD

    However the one that says “All Nighter” (I’ll be assuming it is sort some of foundation…) highly interests me! I definitely need something that is almost bullet proof for the nights that I’m on call at the hospital!


    • 3/29/10 10:48 the Muse:

      keira dying to know all about UD summer 2010 😀


  • 3/26/10 21:55 Su:

    the collection looks more like spray bottles for graffiti @.@


  • 3/28/10 1:58 JC:

    ooo how intriguing. Can’t wait to see what they come out with.


  • 3/28/10 10:11 Ashley:

    I know! I heard about these products last month and since then have being peeing my pants excited for their debut! If I only I could have it all.. :)


    • 3/29/10 10:32 the Muse:

      ashley I hear that 😀


  • 3/29/10 4:42 Marc:

    the things that say Urban Defense are tinted moisturizers!


    • 3/29/10 8:38 the Muse:

      thanks for the heads up marc!


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