Beauty News: Shu Uemura US Website News

By now you know that Shu Uemura is closing down operations within the US however I’ve recieved some clarifying news from Shu in my inbox today, all good news by the way.

Please jump ahead to hear the beauty news on our beloved Shu!

First off I’m trying to get information about two things at the moment which I’m personally curious about and which I know you are interested to know as well.

  1. Whether Shu Uemura will remain at Sephora. UPDATE: Sephora will phase the line out.
  2. Whether this effects Canadian residents as well.

As soon as I hear further information, I’ll update.

On to the news…

First off as I stated in my original post, you can still purchase Shu Uemura makeup, skincare, and products from their website at Now this is great news because they will actually continue to introduce new products on the site as well as keep your old favs!

The only real change with the brand at this point (verified information) is that makeup junkies won’t be able to get their fix at department stores or at one of the boutiques as these locations will begin to slowly phase out in the months ahead but online operations continue as always!

One thing that is not effected at all by these changes is Shu Uemura Art of Hair which will continue to remain in salons across the country as well as online.

Hope this helps you sleep at night and you aren’t left awake, worrying over your beloved Shu!

  • 3/31/10 14:55 Chelsea:

    I can sleep tonight! The thought of losing Glow On blush and the pressed eyeshadows was making me very, very nervous.


    • 3/31/10 14:59 the Muse:

      aw chel lol! It’s hear to stay babe 😀


  • 3/31/10 15:49 Melissa:

    wow you mind reader you – I was totally wondering if they were pulling out of Sephora. Let us know :)


    • 3/31/10 15:59 the Muse:

      and I have to update melissa they ARE indeed pulling out of Sephora!


  • 3/31/10 16:15 Su:

    If Shu ever leave UK..I still have singapore… I will ask my sis to buy and post them lol… I love their eyeshadows, blushes and oil cleanser the most
    not a fan of lash curler since it is not flat enough for me
    if you have quite flat eyes ( mostly asian eyes ) try shiseido maqillage curler.. I am totally obsessed with it


    • 3/31/10 19:42 the Muse:

      me too su have friends in japan and ‘pore if things came to a head 😀


  • 3/31/10 16:29 Roseline:

    But think on the bright side!!! That means 50% discount on Shu products at Sephora? LOL. I think? And hoping…LOL


    • 3/31/10 16:32 the Muse:

      hells yes roseline totally stalking sephora for THAT to happen!


  • 3/31/10 17:39 Maggie:

    ’tis a shame because I always heard such great things about shu but my Sephora never had anything from them besides the eyelash curler and cleansing oil. I really wanted to get into shu. :\ And argh I despise online shopping!


    • 3/31/10 19:38 the Muse:

      aw maggie sorry hun! online shopping is def not for everyone! :(


  • 3/31/10 18:06 Aimee Pan:

    I’m so sad they’re pulling out of Sephora! Another good brand going down in the US due to this stupid economy…


    • 3/31/10 19:38 the Muse:

      I know aimee :( sniff!


  • 3/31/10 20:13 LINDARRAGNAR:

    sweet I am so ready for this sale I already have all of the products i like tabbed

    >:) hopefully it happens soon so I can order the shu stuff and more dylans candy bar stuff :)


  • 3/31/10 20:54 Kaoru:

    Thank you for telling us about the clarified news! I was just about to pop off an email to shu to ask them those very questions, but was afraid they were already swamped, hehe.

    Already poised to strike on the Sephora front!


    • 4/1/10 12:29 the Muse:

      me too kaoru credit card at the ready 😀 mama needs a new eye lash curler and at 50% off I’ll take two! LOL!


  • 3/31/10 22:05 Comrade_Garlic:

    Yay! I’ll gladly suffer the crappy swatches and color descriptions on the Shu website.


    • 4/1/10 12:26 the Muse:

      me too comrade, just so long as it sticks around 😀


  • 3/31/10 23:25 Aretha:

    ahhh i feel so relieved that Shu is still going very strong here in Malaysia. *sleeps well* =)


    • 4/1/10 8:58 the Muse:

      lol aretha 😀


  • 4/1/10 7:26 Hana:

    That’s so sad about them pulling out of Sephora. :( But maybe if I’m lucky I’ll have some extra cash when it starts going on sale.


  • 4/6/10 12:12 Fuuka:

    Sad, but not surprised. I just wish Sephora would bring back Anna Sui….


    • 4/6/10 15:12 the Muse:

      me too fuuka!


  • 4/14/11 2:05 Ashley Michèlle:

    Shu Uemura is back on Sephora! Just ordered some fabulous toner, and can’t wait to test it out!

    A link for those that may be interested:

    There are currently only three products available for purchase on Sephora, all being from the Purenovate line.

    Hopefully Sephora will gradually bring some of my old loves back… like the cleansing oils, and deep sea water!


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