Philosophy Amazing Grace Hand Wash

Grace is such a trashy little thing getting involved in makeup, shower gels, lotions, perfumes…She really spreads herself around doesn’t she?

Now she’s available in a hand wash….geez!

Oh Amazing Grace how sweet you are in your new hand wash formula. Philosophy Amazing Grace Hand Wash is the newest product to get dosed in the popular cult scent from Philosophy.

This sulfate-free, moisturizing hand wash gently cleanses hands with white tea extract, panthenol, and aloe to help soothe and condition the skin.

I’m not much of an Amazing Grace fan to be honest so I can probably safely skip this one but what about you?

Amazing Grace fan?

Loving the idea of a hand wash in the scent?

Tell the Muse!

  • 3/4/10 17:01 Johanna:

    I’m a pretty big Amazing Grace fan, and I’ve spied the AG hand wash and hand lotion set that come in a cute caddy on the Philosophy site for $35. I may purchase for my guest bathroom one day. I love Baby Grace even more though.


    • 3/4/10 18:20 the Muse:

      johanna oh I didn’t see that! sweet! I’m not a big grace fan to be honest but I like the idea of philosophy hand washes!


  • 3/4/10 18:34 jonnie:

    I’m not a big AG fan either… too perfumey. I prefer to smell like delicious, delicious baked goods. Or the occasional piece of fruit. 😛 Now if they wanted to put out, say, a Red Velvet Cake hand wash… then it’s game on.


    • 3/4/10 18:41 the Muse:

      same same here jonnie or sweets!!!!!!!!!! oh baby loves it. the body bakery has a nice red vel cake scent!


  • 3/4/10 18:53 dina:

    i def like amazing grace alot but refuse to pay that much for a hand (!) soap, rather waste my money elsewhere 😛 i do think the scent is unmistakable though and am still curious about the face powder. p.s. LOL @ your 1st sentence, you are too funny 😉


    • 3/4/10 20:39 the Muse:

      dinaaaaaaaaaaa what up! I got your mail girl and about to see if tivo recorded my LG fix. Anything good?! 😀 I browsed the site the past few days but sometimes qvc surprises us with a set they suddenly toss out there!!!!!!!!

      hehe it’s true though right? grace everything!!!!!


      • 3/4/10 21:05 dina:

        oh good let me know what you think of the set in it, i think its called the raspberries or something like that in 1st half of the show? its apparently for order by phone only. come on talk me out of it! looks lovely . . . hope your workload eases for you soon! 😀 big hug, thank you


        • 3/10/10 15:11 the Muse:

          oh wait dina I’m late replying you mean from laura geller right!??!?

          Aw thanks hun! it’s slowly easing but damn hard keeping up with life, work, and my blog sometimes lol! miss u madly


  • 3/4/10 20:17 daisyv316:

    I dont like AG but I love Pure G, Baby G, and I love Inner G. About being this product probably not, perhaps if they make it in other scents I like, and if I lived alone =|
    For some reason roomates go thru liquid soap very quickly.


    • 3/4/10 20:36 the Muse:

      daisy all those g’s confuddled me LOL

      shh…come here…don’t tell anyone…between us…I go through liquid hand soap very quickly too. Guilty as charged lol


      • 3/4/10 20:39 daisyv316:

        LMAO one pump is good enough for me haha….perhaps I am not clean enough >_>


        • 3/4/10 20:40 the Muse:

          LOL daisy either you aren’t clean or I have a bad case of OCD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna say it’s my OCD lol!


          • 3/4/10 20:41 daisyv316:

            no comment ._.

          • 3/4/10 20:43 the Muse:

            LOL daisy! smart girl. LOL

  • 2/14/11 9:40 DivaEC:

    I bought Amazing Grace hand wash and loved it. I wash my hands constantly being a mom and having four dogs. I was surprised at how long one bottle lasted me. It also did not leave my hands dried out. I have extremely dry skin. I like the AG scent. It smells clean like soap and water. It was the first time I tried AG and I bought the body butter, 3 in one shower gel and a lot of skin care products from them.


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