Daily Dose of Beauty: Pur Virtual Looks

Dude, Pur Minerals has this new online application that lets you create customized looks virtually…

I’m such a geek as I’ve spent the better part of the last 30 minutes playing around with this!

Pur Minerals Virtual Looks Applications allows you to find your ideal eye shadow and virtually transforms your eyes.

You don’t have to commit to any shade before “trying” it on now using this nifty little widget. Simply select your eye color and proceed to use the virtual brushes to apply shadow on your lid, crease, and lash line!

I tried a couple of funky colors but I gotta say my fav combo was as follows:

  • Plum Slate as my liner
  • True Emerald on my lid
  • Fawn Fayalite in my crease

Would would have though these colors would look so cool together?

Try it out, particularly if you need some procrastination time at work yo, at www.purminerals.com/pur-virtual-looks

Tell me your combo!

  • 4/28/10 10:22 Chelle Chioa:

    This is too cute! <3


  • 4/29/10 16:46 Laura:

    I did Gold with Green and sapphire with pink :)


    • 4/29/10 16:47 the Muse:

      laura going to try that now LOL I need a BREAK from work 😀


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