DuWop Summer Collection 2010

What up peeps?

DuWop Summer Collection 2010 coming atcha today.

Jump it!

  • DuWop Flight Stick $28

A skin-enhancing, hydrating stick created for the weary traveler or anyone who wants an instant pick me up.

Flight Stick contains antioxidants to protect and hydrate and a touch of caffeine, which naturally stimulates the skin and enhances the appearance of dryness and damage. Flight Stick contains a hint of tint to even out and perfect the complexion and the cooling formula also contains hyaluronic acid to firm and condition and restore suppleness.

  • DuWop Angel Washes (Includes three shades in shimmering gold, peach, and pink) $27

A sheer tint for lips, cheeks, and eyes in three angelic colors.

This refreshing, water-based formula provides a delicate wash of long-lasting color for the lips, cheeks, and eyes. Angel Washes contain panthenol derived from vitamin B5, which gives skin a soft and smooth appearance and increases suppleness and sheen. The three shades are packaged in adorable tubes for easy application.

  • DuWop Clear Revolotion Shimmering Self-Tanner $30

A cooling self-tanning gel that contains extracts of arnica and calendula to firm and tone and white tea and chamomile to soothe and refresh—all within an aloe base.

Clear Revolution delivers a safe, healthy, glowing tan that develops overnight. The formula’s bluish hue fights any orange tendencies, giving your skin a completely authentic tan, and a hint of shimmer brings a subtle sheen to the skin. It provides a natural sunscreen and is scented with a tempting blend of essential oils, including lavender, lemon, lime, and ylang ylang.

Whatcha think?

I adore the idea of the Flight Stick! Seems like the perfect pick me up when you’re in a plane and skin is feeling tight and dehydrated but maybe a little unconventional to use? Not sure, will have to give it a whirl and see!

Likey the Angel Washes as well! It’s kinda cute to get a trio of shades isn’t it?

DuWop Summer Collection 2010 will be available shortly at Sephora.

  • 4/8/10 9:37 Mika_chan:

    Hey girl! I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award on my blog, if you care :)


    • 4/12/10 14:29 the Muse:

      aw thanks mika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 4/8/10 10:00 Marina:

    I’m not really that excited about this :/ Angel washes look nice, but nothing I’m scrambling to get.


    • 4/8/10 11:35 the Muse:

      ah me too marina I am curious about the hydrating stick but also think it’ll prob be unconventional to use…dunno..meh


  • 4/8/10 16:13 Anitacska:

    I want another eyeshadow trio like the Crush ones. I like those. :)


    • 4/8/10 16:15 the Muse:

      me too anita what’s your fav the cream or powder ones?


  • 4/8/10 18:10 Valerie:

    I spotted these on Sephora.com too. I would like to get the Angel Washes and maybe the Self Tanner. Also for me, more Crush eyeshadows too! 😉


    • 4/8/10 18:34 the Muse:

      oooohhhh yes please more crush shadows for me too valerie!


  • 4/9/10 0:28 Melissa:

    One of my sephora’s isn’t caring any Duwop accept the venom now. The SA said she knew the other local sephora store was going to be going the same route. Have you heard if Sephora and Duwop are parting ways or is it an Arizona thing?


    • 4/12/10 14:06 the Muse:

      not that I know Melissa…..I hope not?


  • 4/9/10 3:17 dee:

    Du Wop Flight Stick, is it like Tarte Cheek Stain?


    • 4/9/10 7:37 the Muse:

      no dee, no color hun, just a moisturizing stick


  • 6/6/10 5:27 Christine:

    Really interested in the Flight Stick as well! Did you end up purchasing this? Would love to see what your thoughts are on it :)


    • 6/7/10 16:24 the Muse:

      hey christine got a review for ya shortly!


      • 6/7/10 16:57 Christine:

        Yay, thanks! Looking forward to it.


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