Pacifica Solid Perfume Malibu Lemon Blossom and French Lilac Review

Anyone in need of a little light Summer fragrance?

Check out Pacifica Solid Perfume! for the win.


What are they?

A natural solid fragrance formulated without parabens.

The Good…

Love these! I reviewed them for you in the past but I just got two new fragrances to try out so thought I’d tell you all about ’em. They are a fab Summer time treat for a light, fresh scent on skin. I like to dab it behind my ears, on my throat, behind my knees, etc….plus they are perfect for toting around with you when traveling particularly since the airlines are so strict about what you can and can’t bring with you! Best part about ’em? Unlike many solids they actually do have a nice linger and a pretty decent throw!

Ok, wait for it, because I know some of you are going to be pretty hyped over the new scent they have.

French Lilac!


I’m not a floral girl but I adore the scent of lilac in a fragrance. This is a fresh, deep lilac that smells gorgeous. If I close my eyes I can picture purple! I always associated the scent of lilacs with the shade purple :)

Malibu Lemon Blossom is fairly new as well. As you know, I’m pretty obsessed with lemony fragrances and this fits the bill perfectly. It’s a sweet tart lemon base with a twang of ocean-y ozone air! Gorgeous. The lemons are the dominate note so you get a burst of really gorgeous juicy lemon on first sniff.

The Bad…

Not much bad to say about ’em to be honest.

Who Might Like Them?

  • Anyone looking for a travel friendly fragrance (these come in cute tiny tins)!
  • Anyone seeking an inexpensive way to freshen up their Summer fragrance wardrobe ($9 each yay!)
  • Anyone who who wants a quick way to freshen up through the day (dab it and go).

Who Might Not Like ‘Em?

  • Anyone who’s leaving around their luggage, traincase, bag or purse in a warm area or hot car (these may melt as they are a solid fragrance).

Final Thoughts…..

For traveling, for smelling great, for having a quick and easy way to apply your favorite fragrance, I think you’ll find Pacifica Solid Perfume fit the bill and all with a mere $9 buck price tag plus they’ll last and last and last since they are in a solid fragrance. Don’t like the idea of a solid fragrance? Buy one anyway and stick it in your bra/underwear drawer and it’ll keep your intimates smelling rather nice!

Available now from Sephora.

Anyone a fan of Pacifica?

Any fav scents?

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This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 5/20/10 18:01 Nik:

    Ooh Tuscan Blood Orange, I love the perfume! I smelled all the shower gels and lotions last summer at the beach and I can’t remember if I liked the lime or lemon more…maybe I’ll get both! I got the guava spray and it smelled like children’s liquid antibiotics! The gardenia spray smelled like potent “Fruit Stripe” gum!

    Pacifica wins when it comes to citrus, I am a citrus fiend too!

    I will check out French lilac, I still have high hopes for Pacifica!


  • 5/20/10 19:26 savannah:

    i love their fresh natural scents. perfume makes me nauseous most of the time but this is delightful. the blood orange scent is heavenly.


  • 5/20/10 23:42 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

    I love my Blood Orange solid perfume from Pacifica.


  • 5/21/10 13:02 Roz:

    Tahitian Gardenia. I used to wear Marc Jacobs perfume and got lots of compliments. This has the same scent and natural, even better.


  • 5/22/10 0:53 Jenny:

    They sold these at my Whole Foods before they came to Sephora. Sephora doesn’t carry every scent they have. I looooove the Waikiki Pikaki. I think I spelled that right. Smells like that solid perfume that came with Hawaiian Barbie. Also, Mediterranean Fig is magnificent. Must try!


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