Daily Dose of Beauty: Laura Geller Dream Creams & Blush Duo w/ Lip Brush

Two Laura’s for the price of one?

Yes please.


I’m a fan of Laura Geller Blush n Brighten and I’m also a fan of Laura Geller Dream Creams….

Excuse to buy both?


Get Laura Geller Dream Creams & Blush Duo with a lip brush for $40 bucks on QVC in your choice of colors.

Blush-N-Brighten, a baked, color-corrective blush, blends easily with any complexion. The Dream Creams lip palette is a quartet of super-wearable lip colors. Each shade complements the blush perfectly and can be worn alone or combined. You can wear each shade in the Dream Cream lip palette individually, in layers, or by sweeping your fingertip or brush across two, three, or all four colors.

You can snag it using Item Number A202880.

Are you a fan of Laura Geller Cosmetics?

Any favs?


  • 6/9/10 23:00 Melissa:

    um yea almost all of it LOL I use balance and brighten, eretheal rose, baked blushes, baked shadows, liquid foundation, and real deal concealer. The lippies are ok dont like the mascars and a few other things. Oh love spackle too. I can’t wear it every day of course but its prolly my favorite primer of the silicone primers.


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