Love Clover Marshmallow Fit Cream Foundation Review

I’ll never learn my lesson when it comes to Japanese cream foundations. I love them but they hate me.

Love Clover Marshmallow Fit Cream Foundation sounded incredible but sadly fails to work for me.


Love Clover Marshmallow Fit Cream Foundation is a soft gel foundation available in three shades and sold within Japan.

I’m a sucker for gel cream foundations. I have too many to count but for some reason they fail to love me as much as I love them. Love Clover Marshmallow Fit Cream Foundation is a dreamy, creamy formula that my dry skin soaks up like a sponge.

It comes housed in an elegant glass jar with a spatula for scooping out product. My skin, particularly when it’s dry, loves the formula as it absorbs easily.

Now…formula wise it’s a pure dream but the problem is that gel foundations are not flattering on my skin for some reason or another.

One problem I personally experience with this type of foundation is the time it takes to get on my face versus the time it oxidizes. I mean upon contact with my skin it’s gone! Obviously my chemistry just isn’t in lust with such a formula because I can get an hour, tops, out of this before it goes ashy and disappears completely. Sad sigh.

On top of the drama of oxidizing, I also feel like most times I end up with the lighter beige shade which ends up making my skin look tired and dull. I personally like lighter coverage and this is definitely lighter which is a plus even though the formula feels extra thick however it also looks pretty pigmented and sadly is not so coverage is pretty sheer (either that or my skin is simply sucking it up).

  • Anyone who has dry skin!
  • Anyone who likes a softer, creamier foundation!
  • Anyone who likes sweet packaging!

  • Anyone seeking a long wearing foundation!
  • Anyone who’s skin needs a brighter, whiter look (if your skin is already dull and lackluster I don’t recommend this as it will only add to your exhausted look).
  • Anyone who doesn’t have medium to fair skin (only three shades available in this so your tone needs to fall in a medium or fair zone to indulge).

Although I really wanted to love this it sadly fails to work for me. If you have super dry skin, you’ll really love this as it has an incredible formula that glides on leaving a flawless finish but the problem is it seems to make skill look dull rather than bright and lively.

No likey.

Anyone try?

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I got mine from a friend in Japan however you can easily find it on E-bay for close to retail prices.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 6/18/10 11:45 Phoebe:

    I saw this and really wanted to buy it! I have yellow undertones do you think the shades would suit me? Sorry it didnt work for you! still eager to try it though because I love the name of this product!


    • 6/18/10 12:10 the Muse:

      hi phoebe, I’m not sure, it’s pretty beige so that could suit your tone. yea Love Clover is legendary for including “marshmallow” in everything haha!


  • 7/18/10 19:30 Aley:

    Hola! I’m curious, would you recommend this for oily/acne prone skin? Or would it just disappear too fast?


    • 7/27/10 8:06 the Muse:

      no aley. don’t recommend for myself hehe never mind oily skin!


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