MAC Alice + Olivia Collection Photos

MAC Alice + Olivia will be out July 8th.

Hmmm maybe we should just have direct deposit set up for MAC from our paychecks…what do you think?


MAC Alice + Olivia Collection Dazzleglass Creme ($18)

  • Sparklicious (Creamy, Pale, Pinky-White)
  • If It’s Pink… (Hot Pink)
  • I.Want.Candy (Hot Yellow)

MAC Alice + Olivia Pigment ($19.50)

  • Later (Black with Purple)
  • If It Sparkles… (White with Pink)
  • Partylicious (Turquoise with Silver)

MAC Alice + Olivia Nail Lacquer ($12)

  • Morning After (Creamy Turquoise)
  • So Rich So Pretty (Bright Purple)
  • Military (Black Matte with Silver Pearl)


No likey?

I’m not sure I need this to be honest….but you NEVER know when it comes to MAC!


  • 6/4/10 12:28 Chelsea:

    I feel like MAC is a little late to the party on this one. All of the colors offered in this collection are really fun and pretty, but they’ve already been done to death this season. I already got my turquoise and gunmetal grey fix, cause everyone else was offering that up weeks ago.


  • 6/4/10 12:53 Nia:

    Me likey, but this will not come to Europe, so who knows if I want it because I cannot have it 😉

    Have a nice weekend, Muse :)


    • 6/4/10 14:07 the Muse:

      you too nia 😀


  • 6/4/10 13:03 Phyrra:

    I love purple and turquoise/teal but I’m not feeling this. Dunno.


  • 6/4/10 13:06 LINDARRAGNAR:

    no likey except for maybe the yellow lipglosss (which I would never use)

    this collection to me seems like a joke sorry (even though alice +olivia makes pretty clothing from what I’ve seen on gilt and hautelook)


  • 6/4/10 13:57 peri:

    i like it. the colors are awesome, except the yellow lipgloss. thats not cute. but i love nail polish, and i love purple.


  • 6/4/10 14:30 Kristina:

    I can see that turquoise polish on my toes already!


  • 6/4/10 15:06 Sarah:

    Ahh i want all the pigments and nailpolishes but im broke… i need a summer job and fast!


  • 6/4/10 15:06 knownever:

    the i.want.candy lip glass looks like it might get some weird effects when worn over various lipstick colors. looks interesting


  • 6/4/10 15:58 Anitacska:

    I’m not sure about this. Might get the pink dazzleglass and the white pigment, but otherwise not interested. I’m saving my money for In The Groove, I’m going to get A LOT of mineralized stuff from that collection!


  • 6/4/10 16:08 Lillian:

    Never heard of Alice + Olivia but i am having that yellow dazzleglass!


  • 6/4/10 16:27 Sami:

    everything looks great. I want two of the polishes and the turquoise pigment… I’ve never used a pigment though


  • 6/4/10 19:28 Jennifer:

    Why there gotta be so many MAC collections..


  • 6/4/10 19:44 Xine:

    I love Alicia+Olivia. They have really unique and pretty dresses. This collection looks a little disappointing.


  • 6/4/10 20:11 amelia:

    ive been looking forward to this for ages! everything looks SO COOL


  • 6/5/10 0:44 Tohnia:

    the pigments and nail polish look promising! Not a MAC gloss fan, so i’ll have to pass on that. But yellow?


  • 6/5/10 13:30 Robyn:

    would the yellow lipgloss be sheer or actually go on yellow cause if so ill probably have to get it

    to add to the stash of barely worn purple blue black grey silver and green colours

    i feel im missing a yellow !


    • 6/7/10 15:39 the Muse:

      my guess is sheer robyn :)


  • 6/6/10 13:10 Erin:

    I love pigments, but these look like they’re not going to work for warmer tones. I may pass on this whole collection, esp. since it comes out the same day as In The Groove.


  • 6/6/10 19:45 Layla:

    The black/purple pigment WILL be mine <3


  • 6/8/10 13:00 stalkthepostman:

    “Hmmm maybe we should just have direct deposit set up for MAC from our paychecks…what do you think?” NO DOUBT>>> I feel like MAC is totally
    overwhelming me! (But it doesn’t stop me from collecting) *sigh* Maybe
    that’ll be the next thing for hard cores – MAC will set up a monthly
    withdrawl from your chequing account & whenever a new collection comes
    out you just need to choose what you want from their site and MAIL CALL!
    New makeup at your door. :)


    • 6/8/10 13:51 the Muse:

      LOL perfect stalkthepostman that works out well for me :-D!


  • 7/17/10 13:47 Ashton:

    I looove it! I love MAC and I totally love this collection. I’ve got the I.Want.Candy and If it’s pink Lipglass creme and they are amazing!! They don’t have as much color impact alone (still nice though), but over a nude or colored lipstick they look great. Can’t wait to buy the rest of the collection.


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