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I probably don’t need more MAC in my life but I’m every so tempted (and delighted) by the MAC Look in a Box Sets available exclusively at Nordstrom.

Check ’em!


Each box contains essential, key pieces to create a single look plus a face chart and instructions for creating it. I think they make ideal little sets for MAC newbies who haven’t tried alot from the brand or even makeup beginners who can use an extra helping hand with application.

Each set contains 5 full size MAC makeup items, face chart, and instructions for $59.50 each. They are being sold exclusively at Nordstrom and are available for pre-order. Shop them online or head to your Nordstrom MAC counter to place your order and pick up your set(s) on July 12th.

Here’s a look at the sets.


  • MAC Refined Golden Bronzing Powder
  • MAC Coppertone Powder Blush
  • MAC By Jupiter Mineralize Eyeshadow
  • MAC Love Nectar Lipglass
  • MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash


  • MAC Rose Beauty Powder
  • MAC Desert Rose Powder Blush
  • MAC Lovestone Mineralize Eyeshadow
  • MAC Lovechild Lipglass
  • MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash


  • MAC Pretty Baby Beauty Powder
  • MAC Well-Dressed Powder Blush
  • MAC Mercurial Mineralize Eyeshadow
  • MAC Nymphette Lipglass
  • MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash

Whatcha think?

Gonna purchase one?

Already own most of what is in the kits? I know, me too haha!

  • 6/21/10 13:11 Becky:

    amazing concept…but I don’t see a color scheme that I am crazy about. oh well :)


  • 6/21/10 13:19 Erica B.:

    I am conflicted, on these. This seems like a really good price, but when I saw them a few weeks ago in person I wished I could have mixed and matched the items in the boxes.

    I am thinking I will do the MAC brushes instead.


    • 6/21/10 13:24 the Muse:

      ha erica I haven’t seen them but I have a FUNNY feeling I’ll feel the same exact way 😀


  • 6/21/10 14:54 Nik:

    I just want “by jupiter” shadow :( not all the other stuff


  • 6/21/10 20:13 Sabrina:

    I already pre-ordered 1 of these but sadly I can’t remember which one as I also got the brush sets, a quad and a couple glosses. Now that I am seeing them all here…sadly I am getting that collecting issue where I want them all….sigh!


    • 6/22/10 16:15 the Muse:

      lol makeup pokemon disease sabrina


  • 6/22/10 3:13 Michelle MUCKER:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! (For posting.) My favorite Anniversary Sale post yet! You are my fave!!! <3

    Thanks for the Nordstrom links, too! They must have just been updated because a few days ago there was nothing on this collection, nowheres!!! I mean there was stuff, but it wasn't as pretty.

    Totally own most of what's in the kits but nonetheless, it's a steal so count me in! I ordered *gasp* everything… and delightfully some of the dazzle lipsticks…

    I LOVE tawny one and frisky girl – every single item – and got miss violet so I can pilfer what I like and give my mum the rest. She's really into mauve blushes and purply things of all sorts.

    I love that they each come with a full size mascara because I go through more than one a month, and zoom fast is my fave! (Just found mascara madness this year!) Also, the brushes are a steal as a full size 187 is almost the cost of the entire set, plus I love the shorter handles and the brush roll is great for traveling. The face brushes are identical to a holiday set I got two seasons ago but the eye set sees a few new mini brushes to my collection… Some things are even cuter when they're smaller… Still I want everything black (don't we all) and even wen I get excited about some color I usually get tired of it and prefer matchy-matchy black MAC mafia styles. So when I saw black mini brushes return I though Ah Ha! Just for me.

    I just wish these sets came with a lip and eye liner! Arghh… then it would really be a LOOK in a box. Still, super cute and super excited to get mine in this week!!!


    • 6/22/10 9:02 the Muse:

      you’re most welcome michelle 😀 aw thank you!

      I can’t WAIT for the dazzle lipsticks! damn girl nice haulin’! enjoy your kits doll! 😀 love love how excited you are 😀


  • 6/22/10 7:55 lulubell13:

    Ooooh they’re so pretty. Such a great idea for MAC newbies (and addicts alike!).


  • 6/24/10 23:18 Rei:

    These look fabulous! I’m lemming for Frisky Girl, but the descriptions on Nordstrom are confusing me. Do you think they’ve mixed up the products for Frisky Girl and Miss Violet?


    • 6/25/10 15:48 the Muse:

      rei I didn’t look it over tbh but possibly 😀 been know to happen!


  • 6/29/10 14:21 KatwalkQT:

    Love them all! Which box do you think would be best for an NC 44-NC45? Thanks


    • 6/29/10 14:26 the Muse:

      not sure kat…sorry :(


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